Cyclops and I have to break up…according to this article

Ashley and I have to break up with Spike and Cyclops according to the CNN article by Joe Peacock, because we don’t fit the stereotype of a “geek girl”. We have no business in talking to them or god forbid dating them. We can’t attend “nerd” events like Comic-Con because we are just non-geeks trying to get attention from geeks by wearing tight X-Men t-shirts, or in his words we are “Booth Babes”.

I admit I am not a “geek girl” but I am by no means a “booth babe”. According to Peacock being a geek makes you such an elitist that you need to be suspicious of anyone that doesn’t know the minutia of every super hero that Marvel has introduced. And that geeks are so horrible that “normal” type girls could not possibly be interested. He’s trying to create an us vs. them mentality. FYI Peacock this isn’t high school where everyone fits into cliches. The jocks aren’t going to beat up the nerds here.

A lot of this blog pokes fun at the things that “normal” girls have to endure because of dating a “nerd” but it’s all in jest because more often than not I am happy for the new experiences. Without dating a nerd I probably never would have gone to Comic-Con, tried out archery or gotten into some amazing TV shows. (Note to Cyclops: I will still complain about every nerdy thing you make me do).

Moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter if you are a geek or not, like what you like. And these days everyone is a “geek” about something. If being a “geek” means that you are a little bit obsessed with something then I am 100% a geek about Channing Tatum…and crafting.

Comic Con 2012, hot princess leia

Photo courtesy of VH1

One last thought. Peacock says that girls who dress sexy at Comic Con are trying to garner attention. In the defense of 95% of those ladies, they can’t help it if a lot of the female icons of the sci-fi/comic world are drawn and created with revealing outfits. Should everyone wanting to portray Princess Leia wear a parka instead?

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2 thoughts on “Cyclops and I have to break up…according to this article

  1. sarah

    His article is just annoying…I might not be all about comics and the ‘history of gaming’ as he puts it, but i’m definitely ‘100% geek’ (like you said) about true blood…and ohh wait that IS featured at comic con, so therefore my presence there would be totally justified

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