Nerd Alert: MTG

Nerd Alert_72712 Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
That’s right it’s time for another NERD ALERT!! 

This time we are talking about MTG otherwise known as Magic: The Gathering

MTG: Magic the Gathering Deck

Cyclops’ new deck of Magic cards

*Picture above taken at Cyclops’. He was excited that his new Magic cards had just arrived

I was first introduced to the game of Magic in high school, but back then it was something the band geeks used to play. I should reveal that I was in the band (go saxophone!) so technically I was a band geek, but I did everything in my power to hide that fact from my “jock” friends for fear of ridicule and scorn. Let me just state that there are “band geeks” and BAND GEEKS. Only the uber BAND GEEKS played this game…so of course I stayed away.

A while back Cyclops got into Magic and loved it! For some unfathomable reason he thought I would also enjoy it…after only a few turns into our first game it was clear that my initial high school feelings on the game were correct…STAY AWAY!

For those of you who haven’t experienced Magic here is the general gist of it. It’s a card game for 2 or more players. The players represent wizards and you are battling each other with the items found on the cards. The items on the cards take out your opponents’ “life points” and when you are down to zero points you lose.

Personally I find the game boring and if feels like 4 people sitting in a circle throwing down cards and then saying random phrases like Rogue Elephant and Tarmogouf. It also baffles my mind how much money people spend on buying cards so that they can create an unbeatable deck. Check out this guide to the most expensive cards ever printed. You know how many shoes I could buy with that type of money?

You’ve been nerd alerted! Next time you hear MTG coming out of your nerd’s mouth, RUN!

UPDATE: Cyclops just informed me that in the MTG world today would be known as “Friday Night Magic”. Nerds gather and play this game, so if you want to snag your very own nerd go into your local comic / gaming shop pull up a chair and embrace the world of Magic.

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