While the nerds are away…the normal girls play!

While the nerds are away the girls play

Ashley and I partying the night away in San Diego

To our very loyal 3 readers (my sister, Spike & Cyclops) I apologize that there was no posts this weekend, but the normal girls were out and about. Spike is out of town so Ashley and I decided that this was the perfect time to take back our “normal” and step away from all things nerd for a  weekend. I’m also telling you this because due to this weekend’s adventures, a witty, nerd related post probably will not happen today (my brain is still a little out of it). On that note let’s find out what the normal girls did this weekend!

MLPFIM_Starlight Magic_Del Mar Races

Who do you think we bet on?

After ditching Cyclops and sitting in traffic for an unimaginable number of hours, we headed to see some ponies run, not sure if there were friends or not, but there was definitely some magic on the track (see what I did there?). While eating a ridiculously delicious sandwich from the Super Q food truck and drinking some beer & cider we cheered on the pony “Starlight Magic” (closest name to a MLP we could find) to VICTORY!!! And yes we picked this horse purely on our nerds love for MLPFIM, so thank you for winning us $11!!

The Kraken_San Diego dive bar

Check out this awesome sign for The Kraken

Then as you can see from the picture above we went out. We needed to dance! We needed to stand in a circle around our purses and shoes and just dance! We met up with some other ladies and did some shots, created a new dance entitled “The Kraken” in homage to the biker bar seen to your right and hung out with the guys at the bar whose starting age was around 50.

After our Kraken adventure we went in on a quest to find something called “sexy Saturday”, which turns out to not exist. Thanks bartender Ben for leading us down that dead end.

But no fear we finally found a bar with some sweet tunes and proceeded to dance the night away with no thoughts of X-Men, MLPFIM or comic books. It was magical!

While the morning after was not so magical it was nice to hang out sans nerds this weekend. Every once in a while we need to return to our roots so we don’t become full fledged nerds one of these days. I promise to return to your regularly scheduled nerd programming tomorrow, after I return to the land of the fully functioning. Until then feel free to reread all the amazing posts on We Date Nerds to satisfy your nerdy cravings.

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