Dating a Nerd + Fashion = An Episode of “What Not to Wear” Waiting to Happen

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I think dating a nerd is severely affecting my fashion sense, not that I’m claiming I had much of one to begin with, but when needed I could pull it together. I was perusing some Comic-Con pictures and I couldn’t believe me eyes, I appear to actually fit in with the rest of the nerds. The way of the nerd has assimilated into my fashion. I need a TLC “What Not to Wear: Nerd Edition to save me from this downward spiral

The two images above will give you a sense of what I’m talking about. As you see above on the left I look like a pretty normal 20 something. My hair is nicely done, wearing a cute necklace and my outfit is perfect casual but party ready (you can’t see them but I was wearing super cute shoes!). This person would never be seen in a Spiderman t-shirt or even at Comic-Con. On the right is what I have become. From head to toe I scream NERD.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) hat, that I stood in line to procure
  • Glow in the dark ParaNorman wrist band
  • Sticker for the movie The Campaign 
  • Comic Con lanyard (being worn without shame on the streets of San Diego where I might see someone I know)
  • Spiderman backpack
  • X-Men t-shirt
  • Converse (which you can’t see but believe me they are there)
  • In a few minutes I would fight to get a pair of bright green sunglasses which I would wear the rest of the weekend

In short I need to watch it on the fashion choices otherwise I might start to get confused for an actual nerd, which as you know is completely unacceptable.

Posted by Liz
Posted by Liz:

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