Nerds and Electronics, What’s the Deal??

Nerds and Electronics, What's the Deal?_wedatenerds

In case you were unaware, nerds are very particular about their electronics, one might say even a little obsessed. As I’m writing this I realize this statement isn’t restricted to nerds, I’m thinking it applies to most guys but my blog isn’t called We Date Guys…so here we go.

For individuals who don’t like to expel too much energy on wardrobe, exercise or relationships I find it interesting that electronics and gadgets warrant so much of their attention. They spend hours reading reviews, studying blogs and going to different stores to ensure they buy that “perfect” TV, computer or game console. But I think that even more than finding that perfect item for themselves they get a secret thrill in telling you (the girlfriends) about how much your electronic items suck or how you aren’t using them correctly. I know it’s their version of being helpful but to me it’s more like lesson in a subject I didn’t sign up for.

Cyclops and I have gotten in a few arguments regarding his helpful hints regarding electronics. I like to buy things when I need them, and if I’m using something and it’s not broke I don’t worry about it too much. There have definitely been moments in Best Buy when I have wanted to strangle him over his “helpfulness” in purchasing a cord or mouse.

Our latest stand off revolved around frame rate. It all started when we were watching a movie at my house (I’m going to point out that I have a nice TV), and we had to stop because “the picture looked off”. Thus started an hour long search for the right setting to fix the problem, which turned out to be the frame rate. Scenarios like these usually play out as follows; I get annoyed at him for caring and delaying what we are doing and he gets annoyed that I don’t care. Anyone else who’s dating a nerd experience this type of problem?

If you have experienced the same frame rate issue with your nerd then you might want to take a look at this article from Gizmodo before you take him to see The Hobbit.

To quote the article “If you have ever watched TV on a set that has some kind of “smooth motion” feature enabled, you sort of know what this looks like. It’s a subtle change, but one that makes a huge difference. Your favorite shows all of a sudden look like amateur productions. It is very unpleasant.”

I definitely know that this is going to be an issue with Cyclops but I have learned from experience that when a nerd focuses in on an electronic issue I should just make myself a drink and let him rant, that way we both end up happy.

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