You Voted and Now It’s Official. What Comic Will I Be Reading?

It’s been a week since I asked our readers to help me pick a comic to read in order to appease Cyclops. It was a tight race but I have the official result, the winner is (drumroll please……………………………….) Batgirl: Year One!

I know that as Cyclops is reading this he is squealing like a little girl because that’s the one he wanted to win (he promises he only voted like a dozen times).

As a quick reminder here were my initial thoughts of Batgirl: Year One.

And the winner is....Batgirl: Year One BATGIRL: YEAR ONE // Scotts Beatty, Chuck Dixon, Marcos Martin, Alvaro Lopez

COVER: Batgirl flying through the air in a wave of psychedelic colors.

INITIAL REACTIONS BASED ON COVER: Batgirl as opposed to Batwoman looks very happy, maybe she’s thinking “Yay, I’m Batgirl!”. Actually she looks like she might be at the boot camp I attend doing this damn high skipping thing they make us do.

There you have it, stay tuned for a review of Batgirl: Year One as soon as I can get through it. Follow us on Twitter to get quick thoughts on the story as I get into the story.

Thanks for voting….this comic better be good or I blame all of you.


Posted by Liz 

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