Mutant Butterflies? Are We On the Verge of X-Men?

Mutant Butterfly

Here’s a story that has been all over the internet the past few days. I’m sure we all remember the horrible Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the area.

A study began a few months after the disaster in an attempt to track the potential long term effects of radiation. Scientists collected 100 pale blue butterflies from the surrounding area and found that 12% of them had abnormalities or mutations. When these butterflies mated the rate of mutation rose to 18% and the cycle continued over time increasing the percentage of the butterfly population with the mutation. The mutations have affected the eyes, wings, legs and antennae. To read more about this story check out:

I think when the word “mutant” is used, a small panic ensues, but at this point there is no telling how the radiation leak will affect the people that occupied the region surrounding the plant. Not to make light of a serious situation but here’s hoping that any future mutations result in cool “X-Men like” powers. Personally, I would want to control the weather like Storm, that way I could cause a freak blizzard in LA and get a snow day. I miss those.

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