TGIF! If You Appreciate This You Might Be Old…

Happy Friday readers! I was trying to think off a great way to put all of the We Date Nerds readers in a great mood at that start of the weekend. At first I was going to go with the guilty pleasure written by one Rebecca Black but I stumbled across something else that made me super happy, so I wanted to share!

When you hear the phrase “TGIF” what do you think of? Most probably think in their heads, “Thank God It’s Friday!” but if you are in your late 20s – early 30s I can guarantee you also get a nostalgic feeling. The phrase TGIF takes you back to a simpler time. You get home from school, there’s no homework to do, your parents order pizza for dinner and turn on the TV. From 8-10 you get 2 hours of happiness on as you watch your favorite TV shows on the ABC Friday night line up called…you guessed it, TGIF. From Family Matters to Perfect Strangers you can’t escape the memories this video stirs up, so press play and enjoy! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please stop reading this blog…you are making me feel old.

Happy Friday everyone!

Posted by LizĀ 

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