Nerd Alert! Comic Book Day

Nerd Alert_082112

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! That’s right readers it’s time for another insight into the world of nerd. Since it’s Wednesday I figured the perfect Nerd Alert for today would be to talk about Comic Book Day otherwise known as New Comic Book Day. Today is the day when all the new comics are released and comic book shops everywhere are flooded with excited nerds ready to crack open the next issue of their current favorites. I learned really quickly that there is a 95% chance that I will not see or hear from my nerd on Wednesdays. His day is too jam packed with a comic book store trip and pouring over his new purchases at night.

I would recommend if you are dating a nerd plan some “you” time on Wednesdays like I do. It’s the perfect time to get your nails done, have drinks with a friend and escape all things nerd.

Nerds on New Comic Book Day / Wednesdays


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