Typical Friday Night (When Dating a Nerd)

It’s finally Friday! I’m going to let the folks at someecards express my feelings:

Someecards_It's Friday! Fuck this shitSomeecards; Fridays, People go home at 5 and stop working at 2

Fridays for me, not only mean a serious lack of effort at work but an “exciting” Friday night with my nerd (if you couldn’t tell that was thinly veiled sarcasm).

Back in my college days when I was a mere “normal” girl and not dating a nerd my Friday nights were filled with drinking, dancing and having adventures at various locations in San Diego. Nowadays my Fridays are a little more tame and usually consist of dinner, a drink or two and some other activity. Ladies (or gents) be prepared when you start dating a nerd that social outings are not their cup of tea so you should expect those other activities to include the following; seeing a movie, watching something on Netflix, playing a board game or building something out of LEGO.

As I’m writing this I realize that maybe I’m being too hard on Cyclops for my lack of Friday night activities. So readers I leave it to you to decide. Is my Friday night lameness caused by getting older or dating a nerd? Vote below!

Posted by Liz 

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