Throwback Thursdays!

Last week I was having dinner with a friend at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood (side note to anyone living in the Valley, this place is delicious and you should check it out), and I noticed a poster in the bathroom advertising their “Throwback Thursdays” which means come dance to 90s R&B in our club, which does sound awesome, but not super relevant to this blog, but it did inspire me to implement something similar.

From now on at We Date Nerds, every Thursday is now a Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday

On these days we will review, discuss, post a poll, etc. on some nerd related item from the past. So stay tuned and put on some sweet 90s R&B (I prefer some Brandy or Boyz II Men) because later today we will be pushing out our first Throwback Thursday post!

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