Nerd Alert!: Cons


Hold on to your butts, it’s time for another Nerd Alert!. I’ve noticed the past few days that the blogs and Twitter have been abuzz with talk of Dragon*Con and PAX (which both started today) so we are going to talk about Cons, or in layman’s term Conventions.

If you are dating a nerd there is no doubt in my mind that you will be dragged to one of the many conventions out there. As we have pointed out in our previous posts there are “cons” for everything; BronyCon for bronies, BrickCon for AFOLs and an endless number of cons for nerds, geeks, comic book readers, gamers and anime lovers (if I left someone out please don’t be offended).

wedatenerds_nerd fashion_080112_comic-con

Me outside Comic-Con

Comic Convention

A convention consists of a gathering of people revolving around a similar interest, idea, or hobby, but what really makes something a “con” in my opinion is if it focuses around something the “normal” people of the world would deem as super nerdy. More than a gathering it’s a place where thousands of people gather, sometimes in costume to celebrate their inner geek. Cons are places where you can attend panels for the latest TV/movie sensation, play the most anticipated games and spend a ridiculous amount of money on nerd swag (toys, comics, games, etc.). The most well known celebration is probably Comic-Con in San Diego but there hundreds out there for anything you are secretly a nerd about; whether you want to attend or avoid a con check out some upcoming ones:

I have been to quite a few “cons” because Cyclops conveniently likes to schedule mini weekend trips to cities where they are having a con. They are pretty fun but definitely would probably enjoy them more if I was a mega fan, plus my feet/legs are usually killing me afterwards due to all the walking around. I’m not sure PAX is Cyclops’ thing but I wouldn’t mind checking out Dragon*Con. For any of you that are curious here is an interesting article I found that compares SDCC and Dragon*Con:

Moral of this nerd alert is next time your significant other expresses interest in visiting a city, quickly go online and make sure there are no cons anywhere nearby.

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