Do You Have Your Zombie Apocalypse Bag Ready?

Zombie Apocalypse Bag_Emergency Kit

See this picture above? That tiny Spiderman bag (purchased at holds everything laid out around it and is known as my “Zombie Apocalypse Bag” (also doubles at my Comic-Con bag). Before I started dating Cyclops I wasn’t aware that I needed such a bag, but he was quick to point out my error. How could I have not known that I needed a dust mask, a roll of duct tape, a utility tool and all these other items on hand when the inevitable zombie virus outbreak occurs. Thanks to a post on I have learned that Cyclops is a “prepper”, which is a is a person or group of people who believe that a catastrophe might be coming in the not so distant future (i.e. breakdown of the economy, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster), and they are preparing for it so when it happens, they won’t have to rely on anyone else (or the government) for survival. The bag I have is small compared to the hoards of items that Cyclops has in his closet, it takes up large tupperware bins.

Cyclops isn’t the only “prepper” out there check out the same article on,, where they highlight a group called Safe: Design Take on Risks which is a group devoted to objects designed to protect body and mind from dangerous or stressful circumstances, and provide a sense of comfort and security. This group has designed accessories that can transform into emergency gear the second a disaster strikes. Check out this drawing of a purse that turns into a mask, pretty cool right? They have a website for the exhibition here. Hopefully you can figure it out better than I could.

Fashion-Used-For-Emergencies-Gear / Purse into Mask

In all seriousness this is actually a great gift from Cyclops, because it serves a real purpose, an emergency bag for the more likely  10.0 earthquake that’s going to strike LA down at some point.

Here are some items in the bag:

  • Maglite and mini flashlight
  • Emergency food and water rations
  • Compass
  • Sleeping bag
  • Toiletries
  • Poncho
  • Non scratch mirror (I had a debate with my friend on why you definitely need this in a Zombie Apocalypse)
  • Ever important: BOOZE

I think I might need to eventually turn this bag into a “Zombie Apocalypse Vegas Slut Bag” (thank you Bunheads).

Want to make your very own Zombie Apocalypse bag? If I get enough interest I could probably get a Cyclops approved list of items needed and post it.

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