Tips for Socializing with Your Nerd

Alright nerd lovers out there, as much as your significant other would like to stay in their “nerd bubble” filled with comic books and video games, every once in a while a social function will arise that forces them out into the world. In order to have the best results in socializing your nerd here are some tips to make the experience fun for everyone.

1. Only take them to events that involve a bar with arcade games. Ladies, I realize that when you go to a bar you don’t always notice these but some of them have video games. Having these, distract your nerd from realizing that he is in a social situation. Taking them to a place like this will go over much better than taking them to a dance club. Whether it be the touch screen games that sit atop bars or a classic arcade game in the corner, try to frequent places that have these amenities to make your life easier.

Galaga Arcade Game_in bar

2. Only invite them to social functions with other nerds. If I’m going out with a bunch of non-nerds I know that inviting Cyclops to join would be a bad choice. He would come but ultimately probably wouldn’t have fun. Nerds need other nerds to cut the sting of going out. If you want to enjoy some girl talk then you better make sure your nerd can get lost in talk of comics and video games with another nerd. Lucky for me there are a lot of “normal” girls in LA that are in a similar boat as myself, so we all go out as a group and the nerds talk while we gossip!

Ladies night at a bar_toasting

“Normal” girls toasting their escape from nerd talk

3. Make sure the outing involves the least amount of effort possible for your nerd. Handle all the planning, make it a place that’s nearby, is casual dress, and take one for the team and be the driver for the night. I find generally that nerds are a little lazy and hate planning plus ultimately your nerd is probably going to have way more fun if they can drink more, so plan everything and be the DD.


4. Be ready for your nerd to want to bail. No matter how many of these precautions you take your nerd’s tolerance for being outside the “nerd bubble” has a limit. Don’t pout when they are obviously ready to go home, just be happy you got them out.

There you have it! Hope these tips help you the next time you want are planning an social outing with your nerd.

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