Comic Review: Saga Chapter One

I am on a comic book reading roll! Cyclops agreed to come to a party with me last weekend, which as evidenced by my recent post is not his favorite thing to do, plus I broke one of my golden roles I made him drive.

As a way to make it up to him I read this first issue his favorite comic right now, Saga.

First things first, this series was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. I immediately like this comic. In the first few frames a winged woman is giving birth, and the dialogue reveals the ugly, honest truth about child birth (you’ll have to read to find out).I bet that was a wake up call to all guys reading, I know Cyclops shuttered at the realization.

Saga Comic Chapter One_Giving Birth

Anyways as pretty much all woman discover child birth is a bitch but with the help of her baby daddy/husband a horned fellow, a baby girl is born. I could have done without the graphic frame of the just born baby…gross.

Turns out this baby girl is daughter to Marko and Alana, an alien version of Romeo and Juilet, from neighboring planets who are embroiled in an epic war. From what I can gather this is how it went down, Marko was a hippie pacifist, refused to fight and was thrown in prison, where Alana was a guard. It was love at first site, she broke him out, got married and now they are on the run. They stopped long enough to have this kid (no name at this point) and then head to the sewers to hide out because they have pissed a lot of people off.

Now I’m going to preface this by saying I really know nothing about comic book stories/art. These characters are strange but super interesting, which leads me to turning the page and seeing what appears to be two humans with TVs for heads having sex. So yeah that happened. Turns out these are actually robots with TVs for heads, my mistake. Turns out one of the robots having sex is Prince Robot IV and his race is in alliance with the winged planet that Alana hails from. After returning home from the war he is sent on another mission, find Alana, Marko and the new baby.

Saga_Prince Robot IV

This new family can’t catch a break, everyone wants them dead! An unknown woman in white with a unicorn horn is hiring bounty hunters like they are going out of style. The one we are introduced to is named The Will, which ironically is probably the most normal looking character we’ve seen so far…oh except for his giant feline companion, a Lying Cat, who can detect if you are lying…wish I had one. She looks like one of those hairless cats.

Lying Cat_Saga Chapter One_The WillCat with no fur

So Chapter One ends with Alana and Marko still on the run, hopeful for a life with their new daughter, Hazel but with a million people trying to find them.

Lemme say that I haven’t read a lot of comics but this has got to be the weirdest one out ther right now…not saying that’s a bad thing. The first chapter has definitely hooked me into the story and characters, so bring on Saga Chapter Two!

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