Is Gangnam Style the New Macarena?

Korean rapper PSY and his Gangnam Style is sweeping the nation. He’s been on the VMAs, Ellen, and SNL showing off his sweet moves. For some reason we can’t look away, it’s intoxicating and everyone wants to rock out Gangnam Style. In his own words he wants people to, “look classy and dance cheesy.” It reminds me of another foreign song/dance that swept the nation a while back.

Anyways everyone is getting in on the Gangnam Style craze and I have sought out some of the nerdiest parodies I could find. If you watch all of these and don’t immediately want to go all Gangnam Style then you are dead inside.

For those of you who have been living under a rock here is the original:

For all you bronies out there, it’s Pony Gangnam Style:

Minecraft Gangnam Style:

Deadpool Gangnam Style:

Gandalf Gangnam Style:

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