The Happiest Time of the Year…Halloween is Almost Here!


Some people love Thanksgiving, some people love Christmas, some people love Arbor Day but my favorite holiday is Halloween. No one gets more excited than I do when Halloween decorations start going up around town. For example last weekend I was in a bad mood and Cyclops knew that going in to check out the newly up Halloween decorations in Target would cheer me up, and he was right.


I’m not sure why I have always loved Halloween, not sure if it’s the candy, the decorations, the pumpkin carving or the ability to be someone else for a night but it’s the best! Luckily Cyclops also loves Halloween so I don’t have to hide my obsession. Last weekend while we ate dinner we had a very serious discussion about costumes, so we could nail down our ideas. And don’t worry we came up with some great ideas, to be revealed at a later date.

princess leia halloween costume

Me rocking a Princess Leia costume back in college

Since it’s October 1st I urge everyone to pull together their costumes, plan you trip to the pumpkin patch, buy some candy and start enjoying the best time of the year!

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