Took a Trip to the Mall And…Got a Bow and Arrow

merida_bow and arrows_target_disney store

For a while Cyclops has been obsessed with wanting NERF to come out with a bow and arrow set to capitalize on the current trend of all things archery, so when Brave came out there was a glimmer of hope that Disney would release a toy bow and arrow.

Well, the movie came and went but we never saw any evidence of such a toy until a fateful day at Disneyland. On a recent trip we saw a few little girls dressed as Merida with a sweet looking bow and arrow set in tow, so we were on a mission, find that toy! After hitting up a few Target stores with no luck, we reluctantly went into a Disney store, SUCCESS! Cyclops bought it for me as a present, but let’s be realistic ladies, that’s like when a guy buys you a TV as a present…it’s not really for you. But whether it was for me or not I was definitely going to try it out and become the neighborhood Robin Hood.

We decided that the sliding glass door leading to his patio would be the best target for our first attempts. What followed shall now be forever known as “The Pummeling of the Sliding Glass Door Incident of 2012”. Let’s just say that a lot more arrows hit the window with a big thud than actually stuck, the neighbors probably thought birds were committing suicide over and over again. While the bow and arrow is pretty legit for a toy, it was harder than you might think to make that arrow stick.

brave_merida_archery set

How we probably looked unleashing our inner Merida

We decided that in the future our attempts at archery should involve trying to knock things over rather than inevitably breaking glass doors. Regardless of our ineptitude with the bow and arrow, the set itself is pretty legit and runs about $20. I would definitely recommend picking one up for your son our daughter or even yourself if you want to pick up archery in the safety of your own home. And side note that present for me is currently sitting in Cyclops’ apartment…

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