Is Black Widow Back for Captain America 2?

Black Widow_Scarlett Johansson

There are rumors floating around that Scarlett Johansson’s charcter Black Widow is in the mix to make an appearance in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Is she a love interest or a crime fighting partner? Right now not much seems to be clear as they are testing other actresses to play opposite Captain America in a significant female role.

Deadline reports that Marvel Studios is testing five actresses for the “a significant female role” in the sequel, including Community‘s Alison Brie, Game Of Thrones star Emelia Clarke and Teresa Palmer from The Grudge 2, British actresses Jessica Brown Findlay, best known as Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey, and Imogen Poots, who appeared in last year’s Fright Night remake.

Captain America_Chris Evans

Here are my thoughts after reading this:

  • Did anyone else feel like there was a major love vibe happening between Cap and Cobie Smulders character in the Avengers, Agent Maria Hill? Why isn’t she playing his love interest?
  • I’m torn about Black Widow being in this movie. On the one hand I couldn’t stand her in Iron Man 2 and thought she was pointless but Whedon was so good that he was able to make her bearable in Avengers. I think ultimately I could do without her in this sequel.

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