LEGO Lights the Way With Their…Lamps?

Lego-lamp_sean kennedy

Designer Jung Ah Kim with DeVoe in red

Now this is what I call cool, LEGO artist and designer Sean Kenney has recently debuted a line of hand crafted lamps created from LEGO bricks. There are 5 different styles (listed below) and available in 10 different colors. Customized lamps are available upon request.

Each lamp is crafted with approximately 2,500 LEGO bricks, which are glued together and built around a metal frame. The lamps can accommodate energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs and sizes up to a 40-watt bulb. The lamps come in five models —Lexington, Stanton, Mercer, Devoe (shown) and Lafayette.

From the artist himself:

“As someone who loves interior design, décor and architectural flourishes, I’ve always wanted to create something functional for the home, weaving together my personal design aesthetic and the LEGO brick — my choice of artistic medium,” says Kenney.

LEGO_Artist Sean Kenney in studio

Sean Kenney crafting a LEGO masterpiece is his studio

Kenny has a New York City studio and for more than 30 years has created projects with LEGO bricks, including sculpture, corporate commissions, as well as personalized gifts. Check out his amazing artwork and items for sale on his site:, there is some seriously cool stuff here.

I was very concerned at first that Cyclops a huge AFOL would want to start decorating his place with not only these LEGO lamps but LEGO coffee tables, and LEGO dressers but luckily these lamps start at $695 so I think I’m safe.

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