My Letter to Apple

Dearest Apple,

I admit it, I really want an iPhone 5. For the longest time I was adamantly against your phones, mostly because I hated the touch screen, but after suffering with a Blackberry for the past 2 years, I am ready to concede and give in to your charms but is has proven to be a nearly impossible task.

My question for you is, why do you make buying the latest version of your phone so difficult? You know the demand for them is going to be high and yet you seem to have a problem predicting / producing the correct number that is needed.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that Apple is possibly mistreating their Chinese factory workers to make these phones as fast as possible, and that my frustration is insensitive. Let me be clear, I don’t want anyone mistreated to get me a phone, but I think a little more IDS and logistics planning could happen to avoid this (sorry I’m throwing around some business degree terms here).

Here are some examples of how I think the system of purchasing an iPhone is a little messed up.

  • The first release in stores happened on a Friday morning. I’m sorry Apple, maybe most of your customers are hipsters and don’t have jobs but I can’t be 2 hours late for work just to stand in line and get a phone. Have you heard of this thing called the weekend?
  • Pre-orders seem to get priority over the stores. I personally don’t like the idea of ordering online, I want to confirm things in person. I just called the other day and if I want to pick one up in stores I have to wait until…next year.
  • If I do pre-order, I have to pay $250 for a phone but I’m not getting it for like a month.
  • In order to just look at the phone at a store, I have to stand is a line like I’m going to a nightclub, not interested, it’s a phone!

All that being said, while I was tempted many times to just pick up a Samsung HTC many times, don’t worry I just pre-ordered my iPhone which will arrive around Nov. 2. Can’t wait!


Liz (of

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