OMG…The Best Show On TV is Back! The Vampire Diaries Premiere Recap.

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For those of you that don’t like The Vampire Diaries, it’s clear that you have never watched the show, because if you had, I would DARE you NOT to be obsessed! It gets no recognition and yet I think it’s one of the best shows on TV. Yes, there is “teen” drama and angst but mostly it’s full of mystery, twists and turns and without fail at the end of every episode I GASP audibly.

Here’s the deal I have been an avid TV watcher all my life, my dad and I used to play a game to try and predict what was going to happen in an episode, and previous roommates have banned me from making predictions (because they are usually right), so if a show can shock me it’s good. If you aren’t a fan I suggest you go on Netflix and have a marathon STAT!

For all those who are fans, get ready because last night’s Season 4 premiere did not disappoint. Before we get started, just a warning, I’m a Stefan + Elena shipper.

After a quick recap of the past three awesome seasons, we are back to the present with Elena getting a rude awakening. For those of you who don’t remember (not sure how you could forget)….MAJOR SPOILER ABOUT TO HAPPEN…at the end of last season Elena died, kinda, she became a semi-vampire. I saw semi because all you TVD watchers out there know that you aren’t a true vampire until you drink blood, otherwise you die for reals.

Elena gets a breakdown from Stefan and Damon of what happened, yep you’re a vampire…sucks for you, literally…sorry bad pun.

Don’t worry Elena, Stefan is going to try and figure out a way out of this with, surprise, Bonnie’s help. Is Bonnie powerful enough to find a way out of this predicament? I’m thinking no. Poor Bonnie I feel like no one ever goes to her and is like, “Wanna go catch a movie?” it’s always, “Bring this person back from the dead.” Predictable Damon is pissed at Elena, Stefan and Matt and is ready for the inevitable transition to vampire to happen.

Totally forgot that original baddie Klaus is currently occupying Tyler’s body thanks to Bonnie’s help. He wants back in his own skin but Bonnie needs to deal with the Elena situation first. Klaus allows it because he wants his trusty hybrid maker back in action. From this moment forward I will refer to Tyler / Klaus as Tylaus.

Apparently last season, bad Alaric blabbed to the town council (which are basically just a bunch of vampire haters) that 2 of their own (the Mayor and the Sheriff) were harboring vampires Tyler and Caroline and called out every vampire in town. The council forms a task force, now known as the Council Crusaders led by new guy Pastor Young.

The Council Crusaders start taking out all vampires and vampires sympathizers in town including; Meredith at the hospital, the Mayor, the Sheriff, Caroline and Rebekah (the Council Crusaders are idiots, they aren’t going to be able to kill Rebakah).

Back at the Gilbert household Elena is starting to remember all the things Damon compelled her to forget, including certain selfish heartfelt expressions of “I love you” from Damon. She doesn’t have long to dwell on these revelations because those damn Council Crusaders show up at her door to capture Stefan.

Tylaus finds out that Caroline has been taken and jumps into action. He causes a minor car crash and rescues Caroline from a van that is holding herself and Rebekah, he makes sure to let his little sister know his true identity, then leaves her there…not cool.

The new Scooby gang (Damon, Meredith, Liz and Matt) come together to formulate a plan. They figure out that it’s likely Stefan and Eleana are being held at the Pastor’s ranch.

At the aforementioned ranch, Elena is with the Pastor and is pretty much acting like a drug addict. They don’t know she’s a semi-vampire until she runs outside and can’t handle the sun…I think she’s been found out!

Caroline is really happy to see Tylaus who she thinks is just Tyler. Hot vampire / hybrid make out session commence. I admit Tylaus tries to do the right thing at first, but he screws up and calls her “love” a typical Klaus move. She figures out that Tylaus is not what he seems.

Bonnie attempts to summon her witch friends. No luck. New plan she’s going to the “other side” to bring her back, but the only way that’s going to work is if she kills herself first. Jeremy and I agree, this seems like a bad plan.

At the ranch we have a problem. There’s only about 3 hours for Elena to feed or die, but she’s locked up.

Bonnie starts to cast the “kill herself” spell but her nose is seriously bleeding…NOT GOOD. She did it, she’s dead! Her spirit is in the cages at the ranch somehow. Bonnie’s starts leading Elena back to the living but she is stopped by someone, it’s Grams!  SIDE NOTE: I miss her, I wish she hadn’t died. Grams is not going to let this happen, because Bonnie is messing with some seriously bad black magic and will piss off a lot of spirits on the other side. Looks like that unlikely plan to save Elena is out the door.

Tylaus and Caroline show up and demand that Bonnie puts him back in the right body. She tries to explain that she can’t use her magic to do the switcheroo right now, but Tylaus is having none of that. He starts ripping out his heart until Bonnie relents. When Bonnie tries to move Klaus back into his body, Grams once again tries to stop her but it’s too late, the witches are pissed and punish Grams…bad things are happening to her in the spirit world. Bonnie is devastated but the spell worked Klaus and Tyler are back in their own bodies. RIP Tylaus.

Back at the cages. Elena is not well and time is running out. Sensing the inevitable, Elena and Stefan start to say their goodbyes thru the wall as Rebekah looks on (even she is moved). Elena confesses that the reason she was on the bridge was that she was coming back for Stefan. She chose him! She loves him. He loves her. I’m crying.

Stefan and Rebekah are able to lure a henchman into the cage area and take him out so that Elena can get some blood. Brilliant scene as Elena reaches thru her cage bars, grasping for blood, and as she finally feeds, a tear streams down her face because she knows her fate is sealed. Well done Nina Dobrev.

Damon and Matt show up to the ranch, to save the day. As Damon takes out all the henchman at the ranch and is about to take down Matt (because he thinks Matt should have died instead of Elena) vampire Elena swoops in and stops him. Confrontation ensues; Damon is mad about her “choices” I’m guessing he specifically means picking Stefan over him. She reveals she remembers everything he compelled her to forget, but it doesn’t change anything.

Klaus is back (in his own body) and packing up the last remnants of Elena’s blood to head out of town. Rebekah shows up and is pissed, she destroys the last bags of Elena’s blood, and Klaus disowns her. And I thought my family had drama.

On the roof after a pretty rough day, Stefan and Elena are assessing things. They agree to take it one day at a time, she seems to be taking this pretty well. Is this episode going to end on a happy/peaceful note?

No. CUE GASP MOMENT: Back at the creepy Pastor’s ranch he has assembled the faithful of his congregation. He unplugs the gas hook up from his stove so it’s leaking everywhere. He locks the door (that’s never good) and goes on about being chosen to start a moment, that soon they will be free to pass thru the gates and reunite in eternity. His last words are “Friends we are the beginning  takes out his lighter and KABOOM!

Can’t wait for next week! What is going on with this Pastor and the Council? How is Elena going to adjust to her new life? What trouble are the Originals going to cause this season? Guess we will just have to wait and see how this season unfolds.


  • Poor Jeremy, everyone around him is dead, a witch or a vampire. Now his big sister is a vampire too.
  • Matt is practically the only human left on this show.
  • I have to say Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress. Not only does she handle the nuances of playing Elena and Katherine but now she’s taking on a third role, Elena as a vampire.
  • What happened to Grams?
  • Wouldn’t you want to be able to choose your own “daylight ring”? I mean you have to wear it for eternity, what if it’s ugly?

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