A Wheelchair Made out of LEGO bricks!

I have seen some pretty cool LEGO builds but Simon Burfield has taken it to a whole other level. He has created a fully functional motorized wheelchair.

“The wheelchair uses the exceedingly versatile Lego Mindstorms NXT kits, which allow for sophisticated but user-friendly robotic applications using the plastic building blocks.” info courtesy of Geek.com.

Burfield put seven NXT micro-computers into the construction of the device, and there are no fewer than a dozen small robotic wheels attached. To control it, there is a joystick connected to four touch sensors — one each for forward, backward, left, and right. He claims it is capable of carrying up to nearly 200 pounds.

Not sure how realistic it is that people are going to be using these LEGO wheelchairs, but it shows you the creativity that LEGO is helping to foster with its fans.

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