Decorating for Halloween: Nerd Edition

As I mentioned in a post at the beginning of October, I love, love, love Halloween! And because of that, I try to make sure that every weekend this month is filled with Halloween activities. Two weekends ago Oct. 6-7, Cyclops and I went decoration shopping. DATING A NERD WARNING: If you are dating a nerd be fair warned that there will be nerdy decorations that make their way into every holiday. Don’t fight it, if you ban those types of decorations you will have a very sad nerd on your hand.

Back to the story. In our minds we were convinced that places like Target were going to be overrun and the shelves would be bare, but in fact we might have been a little over zealous. When I told my dad that I had gone shopping he said, “you realize Halloween is at the end of the month right?” I didn’t care, I went decoration crazy and now every night I get to sit creepily in the dark and enjoy my Halloween haven of pumpkins, orange lights and candles.

Since this is supposed to be a post about nerdy Halloween decorations, Here’s a look at my nerdiest piece. It’s a sweet spiderweb, Mickey Mouse Lantern that I procured at Disneyland.

Halloween Decorations_Lantern_Disney_Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Lantern being inspected by my roommate’s cat Gibson

After we did some serious shopping and before we started decoration Cyclops’ apartment we went to build his nerdiest Halloween decoration a LEGO Haunted House.

LEGO_monster haunted house

Finished LEGO Haunted House

This Haunted House is part of the LEGO Monster Fighters collection. I have to admit it’s pretty cool and really intricate, it even opens so you can see what’s going on inside the house. After like 2 hours of building we had only finished the first level. I’m going to admit here that I had to bolt at this point and Cyclops did the rest but I helped build the foundation, which is the most important part right?


The set comes with LEGO minifigure ghosts, a zombie chef, a zombie butler, a vampire and vampire bride. This set is a little pricey but a super fun addition to an AFOL’s collection or a fun project for you and your kids, so if you love LEGO and you love Halloween go buy one!

So the question is, do you have your Halloween decorations up yet? And do you have a favorite nerdy decoration?

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