Arrow Recap: Honor Thy Father

Arrow_S1E2_Honor Thy Father_bow and arrow

This week our hero faces a serious internal struggle. How does he honor his father’s memory by taking the helm of Queen Consolidated while at the same time honoring his father’s dying wish of taking down the evil of the city?

In tonight’s episode we learned that being alive isn’t enough to get a death certificate revoked, you have to go to court and plead your case. Oliver has to give a testimony to a judge about what happened in order to declare himself “not dead.” We get a brief rundown of events about what happened after the ship went down, it wasn’t great.

At the courthouse we have our first Laurel run-in of the week. It doesn’t go well. This week she is representing the daughter of Victor Nosenti. Emily Nosenti believes that her father was killed by one Martin Somers, the real baddie of the week. It is also rumored that Somers has been taking bribes from the Chinese Triad to smuggle drugs into the city. And now it’s clear that Oliver has his sites set on taking him down as well.

As Oliver and Tommy exit the courthouse surrounded by paparazzi, Diggle is waiting with a car. Oliver hops in the car and drives away sans Tommy and Oliver. Yes so happy this keeps happening!

SHIRTLESS TRAINING SCENE ALERT! No additional explanation needed on that.

Down at the docks Arrow hangs Somers upside down and threatens that if he doesn’t confess to killing Nosenti that he’s going to be in big trouble.

Even though I find it hilarious, Diggle is pissed that he is being forced to protect someone that obviously doesn’t want a babysitter. Evil Mom expresses that she wants to know where Oliver is going on his “excursions”. In order to cover his tracks Oliver implies that he is seeing some “ladies of the night” but in order to appease his mother, agrees to let Diggle be his guy.

Detective Lance goes to see Martin Somers about the attack on him from the hooded vigilante. Words are had, and Somers basically threatens the Detective and Laurel (who if you don’t remember from last week are related)…I’m guessing that’s not a great idea.

Walter and Evil Mom take Oliver on a tour of the Queen Consolidated headquarters. They want Oliver to have a leadership role at the company, but he shows no interest. I like Walter, I hope he doesn’t turn out to be evil.

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver has made it to the island on the life raft.

Detective Lance isn’t too thrilled about the threat from Somers on his daughter so he gives Laurel and her client round the clock police protection, which she opposes.

Back at the docks Somers greets a woman in a red dress with white hair. Turns out she works for the Triad, and it’s clear they need to figure out what do to about the trial, their solution…kill Laurel Lance.

SHIRTLESS SCENE ALERT!! While putting on a shirt his sister Thea sees all the scars he acquired while on the island. She finally asks the big question, “What happened to you out there?” Oliver’s not ready to talk. Thea takes Oliver to the tombstones that were put up after he and Robert went missing. Nice! Just learned that Oliver and I are the same age, thank you tombstone…it’s totally ON! Thea makes it clear that life was not all roses while he was away on the island and begs him to let “someone in” on what happened.

Oliver shows up at Laurel’s apartment because he wants to talk and “let someone in” and of course he charms his way inside.

SWOON MOMENT OF THE NIGHT. Oliver reveals that there was one thing he thought about everyday on the island, eating ice cream, and he swore if he ever got to do it again he would do it with Laurel.

Arrow_Honor Thy Father_Eating Ice Cream with Laurel

Loving her apartment, and I have that same Ikea coffee table.

Over a heart to heart talk, Oliver hears something outside and springs into action, trying to protect Laurel. The “white haired woman” and her posse come in guns blazing.

Arrow_Honor-Thy-Father_White Haired Woman

Out of nowhere, Diggle comes to the rescue and gets into a struggle with the “white haired woman”. Oliver throws a knife and is able to knock the weapon out of her hand, saving Diggle.

In the aftermath of the attack Detective Lance tells Oliver to stay away from his daughter.

After the “knife throwing incident” Diggle realizes that Oliver has some serious skills and knows he’s hiding something. I definitely like Diggle.

Note to all bad guys don’t mess with Arrow’s sweetie, he gets angry. Somers is attempting to get out before the Triad (or anyone else) comes after him but it’s too late.

Arrow runs down Somers and gets him to confess to killing Vosenti. At that moment Detective Lance and the cops show up and Arrow has to hightail it out of there. Lance gets him at gunpoint but Oliver throws an arrow at the gun and knocks it into the wall. Turns out the arrow is a recording device and hands Somers’ confession to Lance on a silver platter. Somers gets convicted and Oliver crosses another name off his “Revenge” list. VICTORY!

Back in the real world a groundbreaking ceremony for a new building being built in Robert Queen’s name is underway. Oliver realizing that he needs to keep up his “public persona” of a playboy shows up with two ladies on his arms, acting drunk, and takes the stage. He gives an speech denouncing himself to his family and the company.

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver finds the “Revenge” book on his Dad but it’s empty except for a single symbol.

Evil Mom gets into a limo and makes it clear to the other party that Oliver knows nothing, Robert told him nothing and he has no idea that the boat was sabotaged! Oh no she didn’t….the other man holds up a book with a very familiar symbol on it.

FLASHBACK ALERT: While Oliver buries his dad on the island he gets shot with an arrow, not good! The guy doing the shooting is wearing a very familiar green hoodie.

There you have it episode 2 and I’m still hooked. What is the significance of the symbol on the “Revenge” book? How long until Oliver and Laurel hook up? Who is the green hooded figure on the island? Can’t wait for episode 3!


Oliver: “This guy gets more airtime than the Kardashians” love how even on an island for 5 years he knows who a Kardashian is….

Evil Mom to Diggle: I’m on a professional bodyguard but I would imagine that the first requirement would be managing to stay next to the person you are trying to protect”

Oliver to Evil Mom: “I promise to introduce you if it ever gets to the exhanging first names stage…. ”

Tommy to Diggle: “This happens to you a lot doesn’t it?” in response to Oliver driving off with the car

Oliver: “I’m Oliver Queen…silence…watch some television, read a newspaper, I’m kinda famous right now”

Oliver: “Walter who’s my new dad”

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