Our favorite nerd marriage expert and guest blogger Matt Jacobs (@alloymatt) suggested we check out a game that he thought our readers might enjoy. Here’s a link to a description of the game: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/118315/ruse

Sounds fun and very much like a murder mystery, which I do enjoy. The game now has it’s own Kickstarter and because Matt really likes this game, support it!

I spoke about a card game that I really enjoyed called “Ruse” a little while ago. Above is the video that Game Salute has posted on their Vimeo page to promote the game. I have a new announcement about the game, it’s now on Kickstarter! This is a blast of a game and I’m really looking forward to seeing it fund! Please support indie table top game developers and back this project! The game is in my top 5 favorite table top games along with Ticket To Ride, Munchkin, Magic: The Gathering & Zombie Dice. Friends of mine that know how seriously I take gaming will know what putting this game up there with those is really QUITE a testament to how great it is! Watch the video above and contribute to this campaign by clicking the link below. I kicked in $25, so can you!

Ruse on Kickstarter

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