The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Rager

So sorry this recap is so late, I had it all written up and then as we just posted catastrophe struck, the Internet was down at work and at home. While we have a connection we are getting it up.

We open up on our favorite hybrid Tyler sleeping in the hospital after being shot in last week’s episode. He hears a ruckus outside, and it turns out the new vampire hunter in town has decided to break in and take a little something, no big deal, just a little werewolf venom. Hmmm, this could end badly for all of our favorite vampires.

Back in his RV, “The Hunter” reviews his findings on Mystic Falls so far and pulls out files on Elena and Jeremy…that can’t be good.

At the Salvatore residence, Stephan is working on his…motorcycle…?, ok, we’re just going to accept that and Damon is still pouting over Elena’s choice in brother. Stephan claims he’s leaving town but not before taking down “The Hunter”.

Elena and Matt meet in their old make out spot,(slightly awkward), so she can get a little drinky drink before school. He’s now her human blood bank.

After Tyler’s shooting the town has called for a curfew, which obviously means it’s time to throw a anti-curfew party courtesy of Rebekah.

Tyler is welcomed home by some hybrid bodyguards and Klaus, he can’t have anyone killing his precious hybrids.

Back in school Elena is feeling emotional about being back in Alaric’s old classroom for the first time, aww me too, tear. While announcing her party Rebekah and Elena get into a vampire style girl fight full of pencil stabbings, and an I killed your friend taunting.

Elena’s heightened emotions are making her feel some serious hate, very un-Elena like, towards Rebekah. While cleaning up after the pencil stabbing incident Rebekah sends in a bleeding girl into the bathroom to torture the very hungry new vamp.

“The Hunter” is at school and corners Jeremy (does anyone else feel like a school official should maybe question a random guy off the street asking to speak to students alone?) and claims that he has an invisible tattoo that only other hunters and potential hunters can see. (if you don’t remember Jeremy spotted it in the last episode).

Damon finds “The Hunter”‘s RV but gets caught in a booby trap…which if undone results in a big boom.

Phoebe_tonkin_secret circle_h20: just add water_the vampire diaries

At Tyler’s house a former CW star (from The Secret Circle) shows up, she’s also from a great show called H20: Just Add Water, who apparently knew Tyler back from his days of trying to break the sire bond. Hmm something tells me that there’s something a little more than friendship going on….

Damon calls his new sidekick Meredith to help him out of the explosive booby trap. I miss Alaric but I’m kinda liking the back and forth between these two.

rebekah-the-rager_matt_the vampire diaries

At school Rebekah tries to make nice with Matt…I admit she’s got some balls, trying to make up with a guy after you ran him off the road and caused his friend to die and turn into a vampire. Surprisingly (sarcasm alert), Matt’s not buying what she’s selling.

“The Hunter” corners Matt and threatens him until he gives him a name of a vampire, he spills, Rebekah.

Fueled by her hate of Rebekah, Elena is at the Salvatore residence on the hunt for the White Oak stake (the only thing that can kill the originals).

Jeremy shows up at “The Hunter”‘s RV and gives him the following story, “this doctor Meredith uses vampire blood to heal people so she’s probably working with them”, good one Jer. “The Hunter” says something ominous about the drinks at the party…

Caroline shows up at Tyler’s…and Tyler is acting awkward. Klaus and I are getting the same vibe, for some reason Tyler does not want Caroline and Hayley, basically forcing Caroline to leave.

PARTY PARTY! At the anti-curfew party Elena and April chat (who needs more of a purpose on this show, it’s getting boring) and April talks about how she thinks what happened to her father and the town council is a conspiracy. Another Elena, Rebekah fight ensues and Rebekah steals her day ring. Elena is really pissed now and is just about ready to use the  White Oak stake. Stephan talks her out of it with promise of a motorcycle ride, sexy.

As they are leaving Elena does something AWESOME, a badass keg stand, like the kind we all wish we could do but is impossible bascially saying screw you Rebekah.

As she seethes with anger at Elena, Rebekah starts to feel a little wousy.

Klaus totally calls Tyler out on his time with Hayley…poor Caroline. Before we can find out anymore Klaus gets a call from Damon, “hey you wanna come hunting with me?” “Yeah of course!”

Stephen_Elena_The Rager_Motorcycle Ride_The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Stephan go on a romantical motorcycle ride where Elena lets down her hair and enjoys the perks of being a vampire for the first time.


Klaus and Damon have “The Hunter” wrapped up when Damon mentions the invisible tattoo. This resonates with Klaus and he mutters, “You’re one of the 5”. What does that mean? Before we can figure it out the room blows up.

During a hot make out session Elena starts seeing Damon, hmm, could this have to do with the blood sharing? Elena is freaked out and she starts feeling woozy just like Rebekah. Turns out “The Hunter” put a little werewolf venom in the keg. Stephan calls Klaus to come and save Elena who for some reason still cares if she lives or dies.

I have a quick question, does no one in this town question all these 16 year olds living by themselves? Matt, Rebakah, Elena and Jeremy and this new girl April. They should just get a house together like on The Real World.

Caroline and Stephen have a heart to heart, love these. He wants Elena to enjoy her transition into a vampire as much as she can. He wants to give in to her joy but is afraid of becoming the Ripper in the process. Stephan asks Caroline to help keep him off the edge because she is so good at being a vampire. Aww besties for life!

Matt is back so Elena can feed, I have a feeling she’s not going to be able to stop….she’s got the crazy eyes. Luckily Damon rushes in to save the day. Damon makes him forget. He tells Elena, “You’re a vampire now, you just have to learn the right way to be one” Hair stroke…

“The Hunter” awakes on a couch, how is he alive? Klaus saved him for some reason. “The Hunter” doesn’t know why Klaus called him one of the 5. Klaus needs to protect him…a new Vampire Diaries mystery is afoot!

Until next week….


Meredith: “Tell me that’s not a bomb!”
Damon: “Ok…it’s a kitten, an adorable exploding kitten.”

“The Hunter”: “Tell me which one of your high school friends is a blood sucker” too many to count

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