Get Out There and Vote, And Look Hot Doing It!

Election 2012_I Voted Sticker

Readers, we promise not to use this blog to push any political agendas, our main goal here is the educate neophytes about all things nerd, but we are going to take this one day to push something we believe in…everyone should go out and VOTE!

I have my views and you have yours and I don’t need to push mine on you but it’s super important to get out there and voice your opinion, otherwise don’t complain later.

As this is going live into the ether of social media I am on my way to the polling station at what feels like the crack of dawn but I’m doing it because it’s cool to vote and this year I also plan on making it sexy, and here’s why.


4 years ago on Election Day I did not look sexy. It was earlier than I usually had to wake up and I had to make it to the polls before heading to work, so I was a bit of a mess. The outfit was alright but neither my hair or makeup had been done. So I’m standing in line waiting my turn and as I glance  at the other voters who do I see??? None other than, Zachary Levi aka Chuck! OMG I DIED for 2 reasons, Reason #1: Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE him and Reason #2: Because of course of today of all days I look horrible.


Ladies you know what I’m saying, if the hair had been done with no makeup or vice versa I might have been passable but both were a mess. Of course he looked amazing and not like he had rolled out of bed 10 minutes prior.

While I may have overheard the street he lives on and other pertinent information I have never seen him again. I vowed on that day that on Election Day 2012 I would looking AMAZING, just in case he, Channing Tatum, or Ryan Gosling happen to swing by the polls at the same time.

In closing, always look your best when performing your civic duty, because again voting rocks and plus you never know who you might meet in line.

P.S. – Dear Zachary Levi,

If you are by some unfathomable reason reading this, I promise I am not a stalker, I just happen to love you and live in your neighborhood. Does that make me crazy?

Have I maybe run on your street by your house? The answer is yes, but in my defense you moved into a house on my regular running route…so in reality this is all YOUR fault.

Sincerely Your Biggest Fan,

Liz (of We Date Nerds)

2 thoughts on “Get Out There and Vote, And Look Hot Doing It!

  1. sbecks

    too bad it wont be Ryan Gosling, because he is in Austin shooting a film…however this now means all girls in austin have to look cute ALL THE TIME just in case lol

    1. wedatenerds

      Well a girl can only dream. Point is look cute at all times but especially on a day where everyone has to gather in designated locations so it’s less like stalking and more like fate.

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