We Date Nerds is Back! Here’s What We Missed…

Man it’s true what they say, when it rains it pours. Thankfully I do not mean that literally, and my heart goes out to everyone that had to deal with Hurricane Sandy and those who are still dealing with the aftermath. My “storm” involves having no internet, which I mentioned last week and then I followed that up with a nasty weekend. I was all ready to get back into the swing of blogging this past weekend when disaster struck Friday night, FOOD POISONING, so instead of blogging I spent Friday night until today feeling like death without the fun night out before.

Worst part of it was that my constant need to puke started when I was over at Cyclops’ house after seeing Wreck it Ralph, so it was pretty mortifying (ladies you know what I’m saying), no one wants to be that sick in front of their significant other.

Sorry you had to clean up my puke_someecards
Alright so there’s a synopsis of why last week sucked as far as blogging goes but we are back and here’s a quick recap of what happened while we were away from the keyboard:


The juggernaut that is Disney bought the juggernaut that is Lucasfilm. Not sure what the readers of We Date Nerds think about this but it seems like most are excited but wary. On the one hand Disney seems to have been pretty hands off with the creative minds at Marvel and Pixar but on the other hand they definitely want to churn out Star Wars sequels (that didn’t turn out so well the first time around).

I do find it interesting that Disney wants to fill a void in their live action department with the Star Wars films, that it was hoping to fill with John Carter, but too bad Star Wars took a ton of it’s ideas from John Carter. Anyways that’s neither here nor there.


  • No matter what you say about George Lucas he is one smart businessman, you know how much all the Lucasfilm shareholders get out of this deal, ZERO, because Lucas is the only shareholder. Ridiculous.
  • Who do you want to direct the next Star Wars movie? I’m hearing a lot of hopefuls dreaming of Joss Whedon, that might be really cool.

Wanna read more, click on the link below. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Disney unlikely to change ‘Star Wars’ brand via the Associated Press 

Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion via USA Today 


Really bummed about not getting to write my post on this one, we all know I love Halloween. Cyclops and while it wasn’t quite the epic Halloween I was hoping it was fun and I did get to take a few sweet photos while out and about, please see below.

mckayla maroney_mckayla's not impressed_arrow_halloween costume

Don’t be fooled, I am super impressed by those abs

Halloween costumes_mckayla's not impressed_minecraft

Cyclops and I in costume

And since we did watch Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade before going out I have a really sweet link to Harrison Ford’s costume this year. For those of you who don’t know he and his wife Calista Flockhart always dress up in fun costumes to take their kids out trick-or-treating. I thought this year’s costume was appropriate, plus they may or may not be drinking out of plastic cups.

Geek Out with Harrison Ford


You may or may not have guessed but the nerd I’m dating happens to be a little obsessed with all things X-Men. I’m not really sure how many times he saw he X-Men: First Class or how many dreams he had of Xavier and Magneto having a 60s inspired bromance but let’s just assume it was too many.

X-Men: First Class_Xavier and Magneto_bromance_matthew vaughn

Xavier and Magneto having a bro’s night at a strip club

In his mind, (along with I’m sure many other X-Men fans out there), a huge part of what made the X-Men prequel super fun and awesome, was it’s director Matthew Vaughn from Kick-Ass fame. Unfortunately it was just announced (during my absence from the blogosphere) that Vaughn is stepping down from his directing duties on the next X-Men prequel installment, “X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past”. Little seems to be out there about why he dropped out but have no fear someone has stepped up to the plate…oh good a new take on the X-Men franchise…nope let’s take a step backward, it’s Bryan Singer! If you don’t remember Bryan Singer directed X-Men and X2 the first two movies in the original X-Men trilogy, and from what I can decipher from nerd talk he is either the messiah of X-Men or its destroyer.

I’m sure I will have more commentary from the nerds in my life on this one as it unfolds.

Alright readers, I think we have covered the biggest stories from the world of nerd that happened last week. Have I missed something epic? Sound off below in the comments.

We are glad to be back and thanks for sticking with us!

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