Villains Are So Hot Right Now!

It’s a good week to be a villain. Two huge movie franchises have some big villain news brewing.

First up, Marvel released images of Ben Kingsley from Iron Man 3 playing the Mandarin.
Iron Man 3_Ben-Kingsley-The-Mandarin_Marvel

I’m not as familiar with the Iron Man comic books so I don’t have too much insight on this villain but you can’t beat Ben Kingsley because he’s AMAZING! I for one am excited to see him in this role.

The second piece of news affects the newly rebooted Spider Man series. Jamie Foxx is currently in talks to play Electro, aka Max Dillon who gains the ability control electricity after being struck by lightening. Can you see Jamie Foxx getting punched in the face by Spider-Man?

Electro_Spider-Man_Comics_Max Dillon Jamie Foxx_Electro_Spider-Man 2

I LOVE Jamie Foxx, I think he’s an incredible actor and I really hope this deal happens. I think that while it might not be the obvious choice that it could result in a super interesting villain. What do you think?

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