Will Han Solo Live Again?

Han Solo_Harrison Ford_Princess Leia_Star Wars

As I have admitted in the About Us section of this blog, while I consider myself to be a “normal” girl, I LOVE Star Wars (obviously excluding the prequels) and even more than Star Wars, I love Harrison Ford. Because of both of these loves, I pay pretty close attention to Star Wars news and any move Harrison Ford makes, so I know that Harrison has never really liked talking about his iconic role as Han Solo. Whenever asked about taking on the role again he has shrugged it off in typical Harrison Ford style, so it was a HUGE surprise when news broke that he’s “open to the idea” of coming back in Star Wars VII, WHAT!?!?

I for one am happy to see anything that Harrison does, but the question is what has changed his mind about the series? And what turned him against it in the first place? Check out some fun interviews with him below after the release of A New Hope and before The Empire Strikes Back when Harrison seemed excited about the movies and his role. P.S. – I’m pretty sure the woman in the second clip is the worst interviewer in the history of TV talk shows.

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