Here Comes the Thunder…Mountain Railroad That Is

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad_Disney_ABC Show

In more Disney news, ABC Studios is developing a potential television series based on the ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Sounds like right now very little is known right now but straight from the mouth of the The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Morgan (Fast and Furious) will serve as executive producer with Jason Fuchs (Ice Age: Continental Drift) writing.

For those of you who haven’t gotten to ride this excellent attraction the Western-themed roller coaster exist in four Disney Parks: Disneyland (and the first version, which opened in 1979), Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort (1980), Tokyo Disneyland (1987), and Disneyland Paris (1992). The ride, and its details, mixes thrills with humor.

The ride’s theming takes guests into an abandoned mining town set in the American southwest of the Gold Rush. As with many Disney attractions, a disaster happens on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that throws the ride into the chaos characterizing a runway train coaster. Depending on the version, the train and its passengers encounter earthquakes, flash flood or a tsunami.

I for one love this ride but am a little unsure about what the TV show could be about, maybe with the Fast and Furious connection it will be a high octane, racing adventure set in a mining town perhaps throw some Tokyo Drift in there too. I’m not quite sure this is going to be quite as successful for Disney as turning Pirates of the Caribbean into a movie franchise was, but we shall see what unfolds.

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