Teen Angst Nirvana = Arrow + Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_Julie Plec_Tomorrow People Arrow_The CW_Poster_Greg Berlanti_Tomorrow People

It’s official, my dreams have just come true, or at least my 16 year old dreams have come true. Greg Berlanti, co-creator and producer of one of my new favorite fall shows Arrow and Julie Plec – showrunner for like my favorite show on TV The Vampire Diaries have decided to join forces and create what can only be an amazing new CW series, to be called,  Tomorrow People.

Turns out Tomorrow People is actually an old British series that ran from 1973-1979. Berlanti and Plec who were friends in college (AMAZING!) liked the show and decided that the American television viewing audience needed to see it as well.

UK Show_Tomorrow People_The CW_Plec_Berlanti

Now for the juicy plot details. Tomorrow People focuses on a group of young people with special powers like teleportation and telepathy who team up to fight evil. And I’m sure filled with teen angst and drama, YES!

If it’s picked up Plec will executive produce and the pilot was written by former Chuck writer, Phil Klemmer.

This sounds like it might be my nirvana of TV shows. It’s based on a British TV show, it has Berlanti and Plec and is being written by a Chuck scribe….I’m already OBSESSED. I’m ready to start a write in campaign just to make sure The CW picks it up, who’s with me?!

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