The Vampire Diaries Recap: We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

The Vampire Diaries_Cast_The CW_We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

We found out that there might be a cure to being a vampire, and the map to said cure lies in The Hunter’s hidden tattoo and a really old sword. Unfortunately not knowing any of this Elena kills The Hunter, oops. Then Jeremy starts to get his very own hidden tattoo and Elena starts seeing things…oh and the character of April is still pointless.

P.S. I’m not sure how much I like this new opening for TVD.

Elena, in hopes of going back to sleep warms up some milk, which seems a little pointless since she’s a vampire and probably needs warm blood if anything. Cue hallucinations, The Hunter with a very bloody neck appears in the kitchen, Elena calls to Jeremy and then lunges at the ghost with a knife. She stabs The Hunter ghost in the neck, but uh oh it’s actually Jeremy, he’s having a tough week.

The Vampire Diaries_S3E6_We All Go a Little Crazy Sometimes_Elena and The Hunter

The next morning Damon comes over to the Gilbert house to help Elena deal with this whole accidentally stabbing Jeremy thing. He urges her to call Stephan which she adamentely doesn’t want to do because Stephan has been keeping things from her and she doesn’t trust him right now. But too late Damon already called his bro and he storms into the house.

Stephan tries to make amends but Elena is not having it she’s dealing with bigger issues right now…like washing the blood off her hands.

At the Lockwood residence the werewolfs / hybrids have been drinking the night away toasting to their buddy that ate it in the Grill hostage situation last week. Suddenly Hayley pulls a very sexy move on Tyler and we are beginning to question that story he told Caroline last week about nothing happening between them (still not sure if I believe that or not) until we see Klaus watching, maybe it is all for show.

As if on cue, Caroline shows up for everyone to see and gives back all her stuff, in true breakup fashion. Klaus and the hybrids leave and it becomes clear that the girls planned this little encounter. While Tyler thinks the girls are good liars we see something in Hayley’s face that tells us otherwise.

Whilst in the shower washing all the blood off, Elena starts having some intense hallucinations.

Stephan gets a call from Klaus to discuss The Hunter being killed situation, Klaus is certain they will find another to help them find a cure. Klaus asks if Elena’s hallucinations have started yet…

Turns out when someone kills a Hunter there are consequences, the Hunter will take you down with them eventually, meaning in order to escape her hallucinations Elena will end her life.

Because the hallucinations are in full force, she runs outside to a willing Klaus who grabs her and runs.

Jeremy is back at school (hard core, if I had been stabbed I might have taken a sick day or at least come in late). Jeremy tells Matt about his hidden tattoo, what does it all mean? In walks the very creepy Atticus Shane, who for some reason is allowed to put on an occult exhibit at the high school, don’t think that would have gone over well at my Catholic high school.

At the Gilbert house Stephan and Damon break the news to Bonnie that they lost Elena. They want Bonnie to break the curse on Elena and stop the ghost hallucinations, but she’s lost her witch mojo so Bonnie and Damon go to find Atticus Shane for help while Stephan goes to find Elena.

Klaus takes Elena to his house and into a sealed bedroom. He reveals to Elena that he dealt with the curse for 52 years, 4 months and 9 days…intense, and then one day they just stopped. He warns her that the curse takes form in mysterious ways.

Stephan calls Caroline for help, asks if maybe Tyler can get the hybrids away from Klaus. Caroline and Tyler tell Stephan about their plan to have Hayley help all the hybrids break the sire bond. Turns out she already helped her friend Chris, who lucky for us is guarding Elena right…NOW.

Elena and The Hunter ghost are having a nice little argument. As Elena turns away not wanting to hear anymore he says, fine don’t talk to me. She turns back and low and behold it’s Katherine! Those hallucinations do take weird form. I miss that bitch, I want her to come back for reals.

The Vampire Diaries_S3E6_We All Go a Little Crazy Sometimes_Katherine

At this ridiculous occult event being hosted by creepy Atticus Shane, the most pointless character ever April and Matt are hanging out. April says she recognizes him from a seminar her Dad attended last year, curious.

Atticus weaves a tale of a man named Silas, who was an immortal and buried alive by a scorned witch. He says that Silas wants to rise again, regain his power and wreak havoc on the world, to which Damon stops for just a moment…hmm.

Fake Katherine taunts Elena with the fact that Stephan’s not going to love her anymore since she’s a monster now, Elena lunges at her but surprise she’s not really there.

Damon sits in Alaric’s old classroom and misses him, I miss him too, can we somehow get him back? Bonnie leads Atticus to Damon in hopes of getting some answers about The Hunter’s curse. Turns out the curse is only broken when a new hunter takes the reigns, this seems like bad news for Jeremy.

The Vampire Diaries_S1E6_We All Go a Little Crazy Sometimes_Hunters Curse

At the Lockwood residence Stephan and Tyler bring in the non sired Chris to chat. He’s still a little worried that Klaus will come back and discover them…but not to worry they have Klaus handled….

At the Grill Klaus is interrupted by a very sexy looking Caroline. She goes in under the pretense of getting Elena back. Klaus throws down a very sweet line. “If Tyler was still sired to me he never would have hurt you…I wouldn’t have let him”…awwww. Sometimes you forget you hate him.

Katherine’s BACK…..she starts to taunt Elena about all the people around her that have died and how it’s all Elena’s fault.

Chris goes back into Klaus’ and gets the other hybrids to scatter. In comes Stephan to the rescue, but unfortunately she sees doesn’t see Stephan but The Hunter, so she does a little stabbing and escapes.

Damon and Bonnie break it down for Jeremy about how to break the curse. Guess we have a new little hunter on our hands.

Caroline spills the beans about Elena escaping to Klaus, but also tells him there’s a way to stop the hallucinations.

Elena is roaming around with her ghost pal reliving all the horrible things she’s done since becoming a vampire…not noticing she walks all the way to the Wickery Bridge. All of the sudden Elena’s Mom appears at her side. She tells Elena that it’s ok, that she should’ve have died twice and that it’s time to end it for good.  With resolve in her eyes Elena takes off her daylight ring and drops it into the river. Elena has a moment of clarity and wants to stay because of Jeremy but ghost Mom convinces her that Jeremy is better off without her.

The Vampire Diaries_S3E6_We All Go a Little Crazy Sometimes_Damon on the Bridge

Damon shows up at the bridge, he tries to talk her off the metaphorical ledge…until he notices that her ring is gone, CUE FREAK OUT!

Klaus shows up at the Lockwood residence just as Chris is trying to make a clean escape. After some anger strangling, it appears that he’s going to let Chris live even with the insubordination but in comes Stephan with a stake and Jeremy with an ax. Chris is toast.

Damon tries to get Elena to safety but she’s not having it. Cut to Jeremy with NO reservations cutting off Chris’ head. Woah, shit just got real. The second the head comes off the curse is broken and the ghost is gone. But the sun is coming up, and Elena is starting to sizzle, Damon thinks fast and tackles her into the water.

Elena wakes up in her bed, ring on finger. Damon fished it out of the river for her. She thanks him for saving her, and she grabs her hand leading to a very sexually charged moment. Damon sensing it, decides to lay out the truth for Elena about Stephan’s recent behavior, he reveals there may be a cure. Someone feels like a jerk…you Elena you should feel like a jerk.

Caroline shows up to find a despondent Tyler. Turns out that Caroline had to agree to a date with Klaus to get him to give up a hybrid to Jeremy. Tyler is PISSED.

At the Grill, Damon grabs a bourbon make that 2, one for Alaric, aww. Matt comes up and reveals that he dug up some info about the explosion at the farm. Matt finally puts the pieces together and realizes that creepy Atticus Shane is definitely not to be trusted. Not only did he know all about the Hunter’s curse but he and the Pastor were besties and the day of the explosion he called Atticus 10 times.

Unfortunately our good friend Bonnie is at the creepy Atticus Shane office. He basically tells Bonnie, I know you have a new hunter and when his mark is complete bring him to me, bwahahahaha. Ok he didn’t do the creepy laugh, I added that part.

At the Gilbert house Elena apologizes to Stephen for the stabbing, and for being a jerk about the whole secret thing. She asks him why he sent Damon to find her, and he reveals to her what she already knows, that lately Damon gets through to her better than he does. She finally admits that since she became a vampire that her feelings for Damon have been amplified and she’s not the same girl that was in love with Stephan. He knows, but can’t do this anymore.

WAIT, what is happening? Is this a break up? NOOOOOO!!! We need to find this cure asap because I do not care for this turn of events. Well that’s it for tonight’s episode, I assume there will be some serious action for the Delena shippers out there next week, as I will be watching with glaring eyes.


Damon (in response to Elena specifically saying don’t call Stephan and Stephan barging in): “P.S., I called Stephan”

Jeremy: “What happened?” (after he wakes up from being stabbed).
Damon: “Long story, buy the eBook”

Damon: “How does Klaus know anything, the guy’s like a billion years old”

Damon: “The witch that loses her powers get’s left out of important converstaions”

Stephan: “I lost her.”
Damon: “What? Again?”

Damon: “Well you know what they say about teen suicide…don’t do it”

Matt: “And we live in a town whre anybody who knows stuff is creepy until proven otherwise.”
Damon: “You’re on the verge of impressing me, bring it home”

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