Arrow Recap: Legacies

We open on a bank robbery. Three guys barge in and start taking charge, the usual thing, get down on the ground, open the safe blah blah.

We focus in on two of the hostages. One of them is an undercover cop and starts to make a move but some loud mouth woman draws attention to him and one of the robbers comes over and shoots the cop. One of the other robbers comes over and is not pleased with this turn of events, that obviously wasn’t part of the plan.

Cops show up and have the place surrounded. Hostages start pouring out all wearing the same masks as the robbers. The cops run in but only discover a hole in the floor of the safe that the robbers escaped out of.

Back in the secret lair Diggle and Oliver do some hard core training. And then Oliver introduces us to the….

Arrow_The CW_Legacies_S1E6_Oliver and Diggle Training

VILLAIN OF THE WEEK: Scott Morgan. Evil landlord.

Diggle brings up the robbery and wants Oliver to focus on finding them rather than Scott Morgan. He wants Oliver to fight all crime in the city not only focus on the list. Oliver refuses, he’s not a hero, he has a mission.

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver is back in his cave struggling to stay warm by the fire. Cue the hallucinations aka Robert Queen, his dead father.

At Laurel’s office they find out that their biggest donor has just pulled their funding, damn economy! Here comes Tommy! Finally where has he been all my life? (or the past 3 episodes). He wants Laurel to come on a romantic date with him. She has bigger issues and kicks him to the curb.

At the castle Thea and Oliver are worried that their Mom is down in the dumps because of Walter’s “business trip” but in comes a happy Moria, who has just planned a brunch with old family friends, the Bowens and insists that they both attend. Interrupted by a call from Diggle, saying that Scott Morgan is at the hospital after an attempted suicide, Oliver bolts but agrees to attend the brunch. Right as Oliver is running out, Tommy shows up (yes already 2 appearances in this episode) and wants to hang, but Oliver has to leave his friend standing alone…cue the Charlie Brown sad music.

As he is standing there friendless, Thea walks in and offers to help. He weaves a tale of a girl that he’s totaly in to but isn’t impressed by his money or charms. Thea encourages him to show interest in something she cares about. I think Thea wants to believe the girl is her, incorrect.

At the hopsital it seems that Diggle has pulled a fast one, Scott Morgan didn’t try and kill himself, Diggle lured Oliver to the hospital to meet the cop that was shot and his wife. And Diggle pushed the hospital bill on him. Oliver relents and agrees to take down the robbers.

At the secret lair Diggle and Oliver examine the security footage of the robbery. They notice the guy that did the shooting also hit someone while wearing a college ring. They figure that ring would have made a mark and the police will have a photograph of it in lock up. Oliver heads off to the police station to “borrow” the files.

Back at Laurel’s office, there money woes are no more because Tommy has decided to sponsor a charity benefit to support the cause. She turns him down but her bestie tells her to suck it up because they need funding, stat!

Oliver discovers that the ring was actually from a high school and after a little bit of digging uncovers the Reston family who has been off the radar for years, 3 sons and a mother, Diggle and Oliver realize the robbers had a plant in the bank, the mother.

It’s brunch time! The Bowens are here, and it’s clear that the son Carter Bowen is kinda a douchebag. Another robbery is afoot! Oliver has to ditch brunch to fight crime, Mom is not happy.

In the basement of the bank a shootout takes place between the cops and robbers. Oliver swoops in and shuts down the robbers so the police can rush in but it’s too late the family escapes again.

The robbers have a pow wow after their botched attempt. They decide they need get one more big score  in order to be set for life, then they are out. You should just get away now.

Turns out Derrick Reston worked at the Queen Steel Plant until Oliver’s father shut down the plant and screwed 1500 employees out of their pensions.

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver is going cray cray and seeing his Dad. He’s tempted to end it all.

Oliver decides to go down to the local bar by the old Queen factory to see if Reston is there hanging out with his old drinking buddies. He wants to give him another chance to do the right thing and end this.

At Laurel’s office Tommy and Laurel are hard at work planning this fundraiser. Before we move on let me just say when you have a choice between chocolate and mocha cake, you don’t choose CARROT! COME ON! Laurel wants to know why Tommy is doing all this for her, and he says he wants the feeling back that he got after the nights they spent together, that they could maybe be something more.

Arrow_The CW_Legacies_S1E6_Tommy and Laurel

At the bar Oliver offers Derrick Reston a job and subtly implies that he should stop with all his “bad decisions” and turn things around. Reston refuses but you can tell what Oliver said hit a nerve. As Oliver leaves he conveniently drops a bug into Reston’s jacket.

Later while listening in, Reston talks to his wife and wants to hang up their robbery masks, but she convinces him that for their sons they have to go through with the last job. Now Oliver has no choice but to take them down.

It’s time for the fundraiser and all the important folks of Starling City are there. Tommy and Laurel have a very sweet moment where she thanks him for everything. Then he spots Thea across the room and excuses himself. He thanks her for the advice because it’s working, and glances longingly at Laurel. Thea is visibly hurt when she finds out the object of Tommy’s affections is Laurel.

Back at Laurel’s side Tommy is pissed to find the “perfect” Carter Bowen doing some wooing of his own. He uses some line about opening a free clinic in the Glades to win her over.

Oliver tries to apologize to his mother, but she is pissed that after getting him back from the island that he never wants to be around her and is always running off. And as if right on cue Diggle comes to inform Oliver of a heist about to go down.

At the bank the Restons do their thing and are on their way to the big score when they hear something outside. One of the goes to check it out and he and Oliver start battling it out. The knocked out security guard wakes up and decides to join in on the battle. He’s about to take aim at Kyle Reston the son when Derrick Reston jumps in the path and takes the bullet. Oliver screams at the security guard to call an ambulance and kneels over Derrick Reston, and then reveals his face! What if this guy lives? Derrick Reston asks is he son is alright, and says that he lead his son to this life. This obviously hits a chord with Oliver.

Arrow_The CW_Legacies_S1E6_Oliver stopping bank robbery Arrow_The CW_Legacies_S1E6_Oliver leaning over bank robber

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver tries to take his own life but the gun is empty. His father tells him that it’s his duty to right his wrongs.

The real cops rush into the bank and Oliver hightails it out of there.

Back at the fundraiser Tommy watches on as Laurel dances with Carter Bowen. Thea comes up to him, obviously intoxicated and starts throwing herself at him. Tommy shuts her down and Thea feels rejected which according to her happens to her a lot with everyone in her life. As she tries to make a quick exit she knocks into a waiter and makes a bit of a scene. Tommy takes the reigns and leads her outside where she starts to puke. Laurel makes her way outside trying to find Tommy and finds him taking care of Thea. He insists Laurel go back inside to continue having fun with Carter Bowen (no jealously there or anything). Laurel insists that the only reason she’s dancing with him is because he wrote a major check to CNRI.

Tommy goes to take Thea home but not before Laurel gives him a cute peck on the cheek.

Back at the secret lair Oliver is not happy with the way things went down. Diggle tries to convince him that he gave Reston all the chances he could and that his Dad would be proud of what he did this week even if it didn’t involve taking down someone on the list.

FLASHBACK ALERT: Oliver wakes up from his hallucination and starts to burn more paper from his father’s journal. As he is about to throw the paper in the fire he notices words appearing on the page, he takes the entire journal and holds it against the flames….and all the names appear. His resolve is now clear, he will fulfill his promise to his father.

At the Queen castle, Mom is having a nightcap and Oliver comes to apologize. She admits that with Walter being gone she’s lonely. They have a nice bonding moment and then go out for some burgers and shakes.


Tommy: “I have fiesta time, or siesta time, which one means a party and which one means a nap?”

Diggle: “Please tell me you’re not going where I think you’re going.”
Oliver: “Diggle, why do you even ask?”

Carter Bowen: “He wants to turn me into the next Dr. Oz.”
Oliver: “Why would he want to turn you into a wizard?”

Felicity: “Guess you didn’t have Facebook on the island.”
Diggle: “Nope not even a MySpace account, it was a very tough time.”

Tommy: “Wow you look lovely?”
Laurel: “Lovely? Well it’s nice to see you’ve extended your vocabulary from hot and mega hot.”

Tommy (referring to Carter Bowen): “Did you know as a doctor I diagnosed myself as a giant tool?”

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