31 Hours Until Black Friday. Get Your Nerd Gift Ideas Here!

Tick tock, tick tock….do you have your shopping list ready yet? Neither do we but don’t be procrastinators like us, check out all the gift ideas we have thrown out. While we were doing some additional research on gift ideas we stumbled upon some additional themed lists from MTV Geek.

For you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lovers out there (me!) here’s a great list of paraphanelia, toys and comics that will make you go “Cowabunga Dude!” The one thing I don’t see on the list is the TMNT fanny pack I had as a child that I wore while I pretended to be April O’Neil….



The final list from MTV Geek includes gifts for all the Batman fans out there. You’ve got the movies, the toys and the comics, including some Batgirl and Batwoman shout outs. Your nerd will be talking incoherently like Bane and Christan Bale in no time.




Need more ideas? Check out some of our other posts from the past week.

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Comic Books

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