35 Hours Until Black Friday. Get Your Nerd Gift Ideas Here!

These ideas are for the tech junkies out there and let’s be truthful for probably any guy because guys like gadgets. Maybe that’s a generalization but I have never met a man who didn’t act like a 5 year old on Christmas morning when a new toy/gadget is placed in front of him. I mean isn’t that part of the reason that James Bond is so cool?

James Bond_Thunderball_Sean Connery_Jet Pack_1965

I have read thru this list of 100 pretty awesome gifts and I think if you can’t find something your nerd would love than they have no soul.

This list comes to use from the pros at CNET Asia. What’s also great about the list is that everything on it is under $100 that they have broken it down into different categories; Budget friendly, presents we would love to have, awesome presents for anyone and the upper limits. I think there’s something for everyone so click below to take a look.


Want more great holiday gift ideas to add to your Black Friday shopping list? Check out our previous posts.

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