37 Hours Until Black Friday. Get Your Nerd Gift Ideas Here!

Chris Hemsworth_Thor_The Avengers

Can you buy me him on Black Friday?

Alright the countdown is on to Black Friday nerd daters! In the next 37 hours you need to plan out your strategy on how to get your nerd the best holiday present they have ever seen. Or at least get them something to show that you listen sometimes when they talk about “nerdy” things.

So far in our Black Friday posts we have have scoured the internet to find you gift ideas revolving around the following:

Movies & Toys / Pixar / Comic Books

And now we are going to drop some Avengers gift knowledge on you with help of the good folks at MTV Geek. We all know Avengers was pretty much the hottest movie of the last year, and that it fulfilled every nerd’s wildest dreams, so why not reward your nerd with some Avengers swag of their own. I personally would appreciate anything with Chris Hemsworth’s face on it, perhaps a body pillow? That might have just gotten a little weird, sorry readers, but don’t let that stop you from clicking the link below for some great ideas!


And keep checking back for more epic nerd gift ideas.

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