39 Hours Until Black Friday. Get Your Nerd Gift Ideas Here!

House of Secrets Comic Book Store_Burbank, CA

Today is comic book day, so I figured our first Black Friday gift idea post of the day, (that’s right there will be more because I figure Thanksgiving you will be too busy to read and Friday you gotta be shopping!!!) should be ideas that revolve around the aforementioned comic books.

Since a lot of you might not know a lot about the comic book world at this point in your relationship with your nerd (truthfully I barely know that much) we wanted to guide you in the right direction with some great ideas with the help of experts, GameZone. There is a great mixture of comic classics and the hottest trades out there right now. Don’t be afraid if you quest for an epic holiday gift leads you to a Comic Book store, you can do it!


Missed out on our other nerd gift ideas? Check out our ideas for Movies/Toys and Pixar.

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