Nicholas Hoult is Everywhere! So Hot Right Now!

Nicholas Hoult_X-Men:First Class_Warm Bodies_Jack the Giant Killer

I’m not sure if the readers out there have noticed but Nicholas Hoult seems to be everywhere these days. We first fell in love with Hoult as the rap loving kid in About a Boy and then as the sex crazed teenager in Skins and once again as Beast in X-Men: First Class.

But in the past week Nicholas Hoult has shown up in two very different movie trailers. I know what I think of both but want to hear what you think.

First was one shown to me by Cyclops and before Twilight. It’s called Warm Bodies and appears to be a zombie romcom.

The second trailer is for the movie Jack the Giant Killer a new twist on the classic Fairy Tale.

Readers what do you think about these movies?

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