Nerd Gift Ideas – Final Thoughts

We Date Nerd readers, I hope that you had an amazing Turkey Day filled with food, family and football! I know after mine I need to not eat for like 2 weeks, but that is neither here nor there. We also hope that you had a successul Black Friday and found the perfect gift for your nerd but if you haven’t fret not there is still time!

You might not get those crazy Black Friday deals but you can still peruse all of our gift ideas to find something perfect for your nerd.

TMNT & Batman
Tech gadgets
Movies & Toys 

If none of those float your boat then here are some final thoughts on gifting for a nerd.

The one sure fire way to know exactly what your significant other wants this holiday season is to get ahold of their Amazon wish list. Every nerd I know has a very extensive Amazon wish list not less than 300 items long. This list is like the window into their soul.


So work some sneaky magic and get access to that list!

And if that fails then might I suggest the Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection on Blu-Ray. I hear it’s one of the hottest items on any nerd’s list including mine.

Bond 50: The Ultimate 22 Film Collection_Blu Ray

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