The Vampire Diaries Recap S4E7: My Brother’s Keeper

We open on Caroline doing what she does best 1. planning a town event 2. lecturing Stephan over the phone on his poor attendance at town events.

He drops the bomb that Elena has feelings for Damon….cue a “WHAT!?” from Caroline. My feelings exactly Caroline…my feelings exactly. She promises to talk to Elena and get to the bottom of this, she encourages Stephan to stay on the wagon (meaning don’t go on a killing rampage) as the devil herself, Elena walks up.

Out of nowhere Klaus rushes in and puts Stephen in a headlock, seemingly pissed off that Stephan told so many people about the potential cure. Klaus tells Stephan to find some more vampires for Jeremy to kill so they can get to a cure faster.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Stephan and Damon

At the Salvatore residence Stephan and Damon cross paths, and Stephan acts more surly to Damon than usual, Damon is confused by this change in behavior and Stephan drops the breakup bomb again. Damon seems to have no reaction and continues on to explain more details about the cure situation. The map on Jeremy’s body only grows when he kills vampires so they should probably find a new Hunter unless they want a crazed Jeremy on their hands. Funny that Damon actually cares about what happens to Jeremy since if I recall he has killed him multiple times in the past.

He also tells Stephan about the Pastor and creepy Atticus Shane. He asks Stephan if he wants to come check it out, or go get drunk and blow off steam. Wow he’s actually trying to be a cool brother right now.

Stephan laughs and says, “Let’s not pretend that this isn’t the best day of your life” and peaces out. This is probably true but kinda harsh, I mean Damon didn’t smile or anything when you said you broke up.

Caroline tries to convince Elena out of her decision, she and Stephan are soul mates. Elena explains that since she turned her feelings for Damon have been amplified and now she’s really confused. She still loves Stephan but doesn’t want to keep lying to him and most importantly she needs to figure out what these feelings for Damon mean.

Interrupting the girl talk moment is creepy Atticus Shane he is apparently judging the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant (YES! finally figured out what event they are throwing)…but why would some random professor be invited to judge at a town event? Elena and Caroline aren’t sure how they feel about him (they don’t even know about the Pastor connection yet) because he has Bonnie obsessed with practicing magic and she’s shirking all her other responsibilities including the pageant…OH NO, NOT THE PAGEANT!

Outside, Caroline has also pulled in Jeremy and Matt to help set up. They discuss their dates to the pageant, Matt is taking Elena and Jeremy is taking April (still the most useless character ever). Matt tries and fails to pick up a keg and says they can come back for them. Wanting to show off his new Hunter skills Jeremy picks up 2 kegs with little effort. While Jeremy thinks his new found Hunter energy is AWESOME! Matt is concerned, what if this energy makes him rabid to hunt vampires? It might be a problem considering he lives with one. Jeremy says, “I’ll be fine,” which as we all know means tragedy will strike within the hour.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Jeremy Carrying Kegs

Look at how I carry these kegs…hot, right?

Stephan heads to the hospital and starts checking out patient charts. I’m concerned here; is the Ripper back? Or is he turning innocents into vampires for Jeremy to hunt? Let’s watch and find out.

He finally sees a cop standing outside a room. He compels the cop to take a break and goes to check out the patient. Using his vampire mojo he ascertains that they guy in the bed is a convicted murderer and has no remorse. Guess his visit has to do with the latter reason…he takes a bite out of his arm and feeds his blood to the lucky winner and then kills him in one foul swoop.

Back at the pageant setup Caroline chastises some girls for bringing the flowers to the wrong place…wait a minute one of those girls is Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas! Love her! As Caroline oversees her kingdom Klaus shows up, he wants to know when he can pick up Caroline tomorrow for their date. She tries to rebuff him but if you remember from the last episode she promised him a date for a hybrid, after a moment’s thought she agrees to let him attend the pageant.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Gabby Douglas

Tyler’s werewolf buddy Hayley is helping another hybrid break the sire bond. This hybrid asks an important question, “What’s in this for you?” Hmmm…why does Hayley feel the need to help all these hybrids? She avoids the question and Tyler makes an appearance. Tyler at first wants to avoid the pageant but then Hayley convinces him to attend.

At the Gilbert residence Jeremy has a dream about killing Elena, that can’t be a good sign. He awakes drenched in sweat and a knife in his hand. Beside him he finds newly carved stakes (and it’s clear from his look that this was not something he remembers doing).

The next morning Matt and Jeremy discuss the new developments. Matt is convinced it’s the Hunter mojo while Jeremy thinks it might be an alter ego situation like Alaric had. Matt seems to have some info sheets on what Hunters do and reads aloud. Sometimes hunters don’t know what they are doing and eventually the need to kill vampires becomes an instinct. Matt threatens to tell Elena if Jeremy doesn’t. Just then Stephan texts Jeremy to meet him in the Lockwood cellar.

At the pageant Elena and Caroline are giving April (ugh) advice on what dress to wear for the pageant. Damon comes in and asks where he can find creepy Atticus Shane. Caroline obviously not wanting Damon anywhere around Elena, points him in the direction of the judges table. Then ensues a pretty humorous interaction between Caroline, Damon and April about what dress to wear. All the while Elena watches on and acts super awkward. Damon walks away and Elena quickly follows. She lets Damon know that they need to talk, she reveals that he was the reason for the breakup. Damon is surprised and happy. Sexually charged moment ensues but is interrupted by creepy Atticus Shane.

Creepy Atticus Shane and Damon take a stroll and briefly discuss Hunters, then Damon reveals that he knows about the relationship Shane had with the Pastor. Before anything else happens the pageant gets underway.

Jeremy shows up at the Lockwood Cellar where Stephan has the newly turned vampire ready for killing. He uses the guilt over helping Elena become human again to convince Jeremy to take action.

At the pageant Caroline seems a little high strung nothing seems to be as perfect as she wants it to be, except for Klaus. The nice moment between them is broken when Klaus sees Hayley and Tyler walking in hand in hand to the pageant. Caroline is visibly upset (is this still a ruse or not?) Caroline rushes off to start the event as the reigning Miss Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Caroline and Klaus

As the Mystic Falls court does their procession Elena and Damon exchange sexy time glances across the crowd but just in time Matt appears at her side and asks if she’s seen Jeremy, he’s not with the escorts like he’s supposed to be. He asks if Jeremy told her about the nightmares, no such luck. Elena is worried about Jeremy and concerned that April is about to be abandoned up on stage, but the ever gallant Matt steps up and fills in. Does this remind anyone of the many debutant balls they had on Gossip Girl?

As the staged dance routine begins Elena tries to reach Jeremy with no luck. Damon says there is nothing to worry about goes to look for him. Caroline thinks that Elena’s initial worry is on point but Elena is now swayed by Damon’s opinion. It’s time for a FRIENDTERVENTION from Caroline. She doesn’t like how these feelings are clouding Elena’s judgement and how she feels about Damon and Elena. Elena is pissed that Caroline is being a lousy friend and not supporting her during this confusing time and storms off.

Damon is calling Stephan, knowing that his brother has roped Jeremy into Hunter duties. Stephan is on a mission, get human Elena back. As Jeremy watches his hidden tattoo grow, Stephan demands to know where the mark has extended to. When Jeremy refuses to tell him, Stephan attempts to compel him and Jeremy stabs Stephan in the stomach. Looks like easily manipulated Jeremy is gone! But he’s off with Hunter supplies going who knows where.

At the pageant Caroline and Klaus discuss the Elena issue. They look rather cozy while Tyler looks on, not happy at all.

Not too far away Damon watches as Hayley and creepy Atticus Shane enjoy a drink and laugh together…suspicious. Damon asks Tyler how the two know each other…as far as he knows they don’t.

Jeremy puts on some Hunter gear before making an appearance at pageant, this can’t be good. He’s on a mission but is intercepted by April. She reveals that she talked to Shane about her father but got nothing useful. Jeremy glares at Elena across the crowd and tells April that her father and the Council were doing the right thing for this town…uh oh…

Damon corners Shane and demands to know the name of another Hunter. Shane refuses to help so Damon turns all vampire on him. Shane reveals that even if they can figure out the mark and the map the item they need is sealed with a spell that only a certain witch can undo. And then it all becomes clear, a Bennett witch.

At the crowning of Miss Mystic Falls the winner is April! In the crowd Elena spots Jeremy and follows him to an empty room inside the Lockwood mansion. Jeremy is acting very weird, he starts agreeing that Connor (original Hutner) was right about killing vampires, he doesn’t want to hurt Elena but his instincts are taking over. Elena tries to calm him down and promises she would never do anything to hurt him but just then she smells the blood on his hands. She tries to run out the room so she doesn’t hurt Jeremy but he runs after with a stake in hand, she knocks him down. Horrified she runs to his aide but with one swift move he stabs her in the neck. As Elena struggles Jeremy goes in for the kill, but Matt appears and tries to talk him down. During that brief hesitation Stephan rushes in to stop Jeremy. He pulls the stake out of Elena and they share a sweet moment. Can’t these two just work it out?!

In the aftermath of the pageant Tyler and Hayley share a drink and talk about their families. Tyler tries to push her for info about why she was talking to creepy Atticus Shane, she claims they have never met before. As they chat they notice Klaus and Caroline strolling along. Klaus tells a very moving story about the one time he wanted to be human, sometimes it’s hard to resist him.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Hayley and Tyler

Elena rushes out of the pageant in search of Jeremy as Stephan runs after. Stephan reveals that Jeremy’s change might be his fault. Elena isn’t happy that he’s stripping Jeremy of his humanity to save hers, and tells Stephan that the old Elena is dead. Stephan should let her go. OUCH, that’s gotta be like a punch to the stomach.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Elena and Stephan

Jeremy is at home packing up, ready to retreat. Matt shows up and tells Jeremy that Elena has moved out and asked him to move in. Jeremy asks the big question, “Where did Elena go?” Of course the Salvatore residence. Stephan is not having it and moves out.

Tyler is back with the hybrid that was trying to break her bond earlier, it’s done. Tyler texts Hayley to tell her the news, but she is busy at creepy Atticus Shane’s office! They are planning something and she demands that Tyler is left out of it….he says they’ll see how it goes when the last sire bond is broken.

At the Salvatore residence Elena and Damon share a drink. Elena feels like everyone hates her as a vampire to which Damon responds, “I think you’ve never seemed more alive.” SWOON. Elena admits that she wanted to dance with Damon earlier to which of course he offers a hand. Cue sexy slow dance.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Elena and Damon slow dance

Stephan goes to see Caroline. They also share a drink. Caroline tells Stephan not to give up on Elena because together they are EPIC. Caroline reveals to Stephan that Tyler almost has all the hybrids free of the sire bond and then she has an EPIPHANY!

Cut to Damon and Elena starting to seriously get it on.

The Vampire Diaires_The CW_S4E7_My Brother's Keeper_Elena and Damon makeout

Caroline lays it out, ever since Elena turned she has done everything that Damon has said without hesitation. They realize it….ELENA IS SIRED TO DAMON!! But it’s too late, Elena and Damon get down and dirty. Holy crap! That’s going to be awkward later.

OMG so much happened and now there is a new twist in this crazy love triangle…as always can’t wait until next week!


Creepy Atticus Shane to Damon: “Did you just accuse me of a mass murder in the middle of a high school pageant?”

Klaus to Caroline: “Let’s get you a drink and I can tell you all about being the bad guy”

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