Happy Repeal Day!

Readers today is a very special day, it was on this day in 1933 that the worst law ever, Prohibition was repealed!

End of Prohibition Headline_Dec. 5 1933_Repeal Day

Why is this important? Well now it means we can booze up without having to rely on speakeasies and bootleggers. There was no enjoying a Vesper during Prohibition.

Admittedly I would have enjoyed throwing on a flapper outfit, using secret passwords and grasping one of those long cigarette holders, I much prefer to not be judged for my purchase of wine at all hours of the day at Ralphs, plus without repeal day there would be no Vegas, and then where would we be? It would be sheer madness.

Most importantly though without repeal day I’m not sure any of us could make it through dating a nerd. Hearing about comic books, video games and all things nerd goes down a lot easier when you are sipping on a cold one.

Obama Drinking a Beer_Happy Repeal Day

Yeah! I would love to hear more about Lord of the Rings…

So here’s to you Repeal Day, now my most favorite holiday of the year!

Happy Repeal Day_Someecards_Prohibition Ends

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