Arrow Recap: S1E8 Vendetta

Last week on Arrow, Tommy lost all his money, Walter came back! and Oliver found a new lady love, Helena, but is she trouble or just what he needs? Let’s find out on this week’s episode….

We open on Oliver and Helena basking in the after glow of their night together, I’m super jealous of her right now, am I alone in that? Oh wait I spoke to soon…Helena seems restless and peaces out when she thinks Oliver is sleeping. On her bike she’s off to see the Triad and the White Haired Woman, or at least see them from afar as she takes aim at the White Haired Woman. Rigth before she’s going to take her shot Oliver rolls in to to stop her (literally rolls down the roof).

Arrow_Honor-Thy-Father_White Haired Woman

As the Triad speeds away Helena reveals her plan, take a shot at the Triad, and they will assume her father ordered a hit and go after him. Oliver tries to talk her down and insists that there is a better way to find justice.

At the diner Oliver and Helena have a cute second date but she is pretty much like, “it was fun and all but I’m not interested in anything more”. You are crazy Helena! Lock that down now.

At the secret lair Diggle reams Oliver out for letting Helena in on their secret. Oliver reveals what happened with her father and fiance and while Diggle sympathizes he isn’t convinced that she’s not just a killer with no hope of salvation. It’s clear that Oliver has to try and save her and no one is going to convince him otherwise. I don’t care what he says as long as he keeps doing the exercises with no shirt on!

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Oliver with no shirt

At the Queen Castle Moira and Walter get back into their routines but he still seems distant. She brings up the huge elepant in the room or should I say huge yacht. She insists that her lies were to keep him safe but I have a feeling that Walter isn’t going to let this thing go anytime soon.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Oliver at Helena's House

Oliver stops by Helena’s house and convinces her to come with him somewhere. He takes her to Sara Lance’s gravesite and tells the story about how he got involved with Laurel’s sister. While he tells his story there is a sweet hand holding moment between them. She wants to open to him but is afraid of being hurt again, to which Oliver says, “I would never hurt you…I promise.” Oh Oliver…you just jinxed yourself, I predict by the end of the episode you will have betrayed her trust in an attempt to save her from herself.

Back at the secret lair Oliver teaches Helena to shoot using his signature bow and arrow. He’s trying to teach her control, patience and discipline, which she seems to be sorely lacking. This results in a fun throw and shoot game and ends in the ridiculously impressive shot of a tennis ball out of her hand.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Oliver teaching Helena to shoot

He shares the story of his father and “the list”and she recognizes someone, Anthony Venza a member of her father’s organization. Diggle walks in and gives Helena a cold reception. It’s very clear that Diggle doesn’t trust her and lays it out for him. Oliver is lonely and now feels the need to save Helena but it will be his undoing. The Oliver + Diggle partnership is on shaky ground and I don’t care for it.

At Laurel’s office Tommy walks in boasting about a reservation at a new fancy restaurant. She brings up the fact that Tommy has no money and needs to live more frugally. Laurel convinces him to ask Oliver for a job at the nightclub (forgot about that storyline).

At the Queen Consolidated offices Felicity Smoak pays a visit to Walter about Tempest (the fake company that was hiding the remains of the Queen’s Gambit). Turns out that someone else was tracking the money Moira was using for her side project. She found an image; a symbol really of the person shadowing his wife. Walter is visibly shaken but to throw Felicity of the trail gives her a verbal smack down and threatens termination if she investigates further.

At the secret lair, Oliver and Helena are getting ready to take out Venza. What a guy, he not only gets her a sweet looking crossbow he builds her a vigilante costume and in purple no less.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Helena as The Huntress

Oliver and Helena come down on Venza and he even lets her use his signature line…”you have failed this city.” The mission is a success and Oliver’s justice is served. Helena and Oliver make out while overseeing the crime scene.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Oliver and Helena making out

Does it bother anyone else that Helena gets a legit mask while Oliver is still using face paint?

At Helena’s house her father hears the news about Venza. Helena walks in and hears her father on an angry phone call, she seems pleased.

Moira has to go to some fundraiser and Walter takes the opportunity to go through her things. As he is second guessing his doubt of Moria he catches a peek of something, the symbol reflecting off an old clock face. Inside the clock he finds a box which inside holds a blank journal. I’m guessing he needs to hold that book up to some fire.

At the expensive restaurant Tommy and Laurel and waiting to be seated, not his usual style, when Oliver and Helena walk in…awkward anyone? It’s clear that Laurel is suspicious of this new girl…me too Laurel, me too. Classic TV shenanigans happen as Oliver’s table is ready and Helena invites Tommy and Laurel to join them.

During dinner the conversation is flowing up until Laurel brings up Tommy working at the nightclub which he had yet to ask Oliver about. After Oliver scoffs at the idea mentions a ski trip to Aspen it becomes clear to Helena that Laurel and Oliver have a history. This visibly upsets her, and Tommy is pissed at Oliver’s reluctance to work together. Tommy storms off and Laurel chases after him. Tommy calls her out on not liking Helena and makes it clear that it’s not going to work between them because it’s always going to be Oliver and Laurel.

Helena also storms off with Oliver in pursuit. Helena is not an idiot and puts it together that Laurel is Oliver’s great love and isn’t going to stick around t0 be hurt again.

Later that night Tommy shows up at Laurel’s place to apologize, he wasn’t ready to face the reality of his new financial situation. He feels he has nothing to bring to their relationship. After some very heartfelt confessions and swoon worthy moments Laurel and Tommy solidify their status as a couple.

At the secret lair Oliver is moping over Helena. Diggle shows up and Oliver admits that he was right. Oliver realizes he can’t stop Helena from going over the edge.

At the Triad hideout Helena storms in with her new outfit courtesy of Oliver and starts taking out Chinese dudes left and right. Before she leaves she lets one of the guys know that her father put out the hit.

At Queen Consolidated, Walter calls in Felicity again. He asks her to look into the blank journal and warns her that the task might be dangerous but she is on board.

At the Triad scene Oliver finds the dead Chinese dudes, and realizes that this act means war between the mob and the Triad.

At Helena’s the Triad and the White Haired Woman are moving in and taking everyone down but Oliver is also at the residence trying to save Helena’s father. Right as the White Haired Woman is about to take out Helena’s father Oliver gives her a shot to the leg and tells him to run.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Helena taking out her father

As he runs away Helena takes him down and reveals all that she has done, but before she can deliver the final blow Oliver intercedes. Fighting between the two ensues. Frank grabs the crossbow and shoots Helena right in the heart area, ouch to do that to your own daughter…harsh. Oliver rushes to her side and carries her away just as the police arrive.

Arrow_S1E8_Vendetta_The CW_Oliver Rescues Helena

At the lair, Helena is alive but is pissed at Oliver. Oliver tries to convince her one last time about justice vs. revenge but she is done and peaces out but not before warning him to stay away unless he wants his secrets revealed.

Wounded, Oliver heads to the diner and downs some chili cheese fries. Diggle shows up and is a total bro, laying down some knowledge on love. Love is not about changing or saving someone it’s about finding the person you fit with…did Oliver just flash to Laurel in his mind?

At Queen Consolidated Felicity shows Walter the list she has discovered within the book.

Tommy shows up at the Queen Castle and tells Oliver about his dad cutting him off and asks for help. Oliver offers to help him out with money but not wanting to take the easy way out asks instead for a job. The work it out and the bromance is back on! I have missed them in the past few episodes.

As Oliver is back together with Tommy, Helena takes to the street taking her rightful place in the city as The Huntress.


Dig: “I dunno where the next Olympics are at but you might want to think about signing yourself up”

Laurel: “Isn’t that place ridiculously expensive?”
Tommy: “Any place worth going is.”

Felicity Smoak: “I’ve always wanted to go down under. I have this thing about kangaroos. More of a phobia they wig me out. They look evil and I’m sure their picture is up on like everything everywhere in that country.”

Helena: “So you two were together and now you’re dating his best friend?”
Tommy: “Yeah we’re just crying for a reality show, aren’t we?”

Helena: “I don’t speak Chinese, so I’m just going to assume you said goodbye.”

Tommy: “Will I be getting dental? This smile wasn’t cheap.”

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