The Vampire Diaries Recap: S4E8 We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

Last week on The Vampire Diaries we learned that Elena might be sired to Damon…which could be super awkward for everyone involved. Let’s see what unfolds.

Birds chirping, sun shining and Damon and Elena basking in the afterglow of their night together…alright not really basking more like going at it again.

After their revelation last week, Caroline is freaking out but Stephan isn’t 100% convinced about the bond. Caroline is convinced that they’ve got to put a stop to this sire bond and goes to talk to Tyler. Too late Caroline, Elena’s actions are already being heavily affected over and over again.

Meanwhile Hayley and Tyler are attempting to break the sire bond of Klaus’ right hand hybrid Adrian but Kim the girl who broke her bond last week puts a stop to it because of the pain it’s causing him.

Elena glowing and happy is leaving for school when she brings up the elephant in the room, “what are we going to tell Stephen?” but Damon begs her to leave it for one day so they can just be happy she agrees but is quickly forced into a super awkward encounter with the scorned Salvatore brother.

Stephan lays out the possible sire bond to Damon and surprise surprise Damon isn’t having it. Stephan tells Damon to put it to a test, tell Elena to drink from a blood bag and see what happens.

At school Bonnie, Elena and Caroline pow wow about what has been going down. Elena begs that they have a girl’s night. Bonnie brings up spells she’s been wanting to try courtesy of Professor Atticus Shane and ha! Caroline says he’s creepy. She’s a woman after my own heart. As the night’s plans are set Elena eyes Damon sneaking into a classroom and runs off to see him.

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_Girls at School

In the room Damon suggests that Elena try to drink from the blood bag again. Hesistantly Elena starts to drink from the blood bag, and she’s fine! Uh-oh Damon no longer has his happy face.

At creepy (thank you Caroline) Atticus Shane’s office Hayley is snooping around. The deal appears to be that if Hayley delivers 12 non-sired hybrids then she gets a USB drive with everything she could ever want to know about her biological parents. But here’s the rub, because they haven’t yet broken the sire bond of Adrian, Tyler makes 12. Hayley insists that Tyler isn’t part of the deal, but she might not have a choice.

Caroline gives Stephan the low down on the hybrid sire bond. The wolves are so grateful for Klaus for taking away the pain of transforming that they will do anything he commands, hence the bond. That’s why in order to break the bond they must transform over and over again until it no longer hurts. Unfortunately as far as they know there is no equivalent cure for vampires.

At the Salvatore house, Damon admits to Stephan that he was wrong about the bond. In hopes of finding a cure he looks through a box full of items from their time in New Orleans in the 1940s…yes a flashback sequence is coming!

New Orleans 1942:

Booze is flowing, jazz in playing and Damon weaves the tale of Charlotte a girl that begged him to turn her…and it’s clear that she was very very sired to him…meaning she killed a guy over a spilled drink. Damon claims that he broke the bond with the help of a witch and now the Salvatore brothers are off to the Big Easy to find a cure.

At girl’s night the ladies bust open the champagne, one bottle each…BEST SLEEPOVER EVER! Caroline starts to become “judgy Caroline” over Elena and Damon but thankfully Bonnie saves the day and proclaims that there will be..NO BOY TALK.

In New Orleans, Damon and Stephan roam the busy streets but their reminiscing is ruined by a text from Elena. Stephan is visibly upset that Damon and Elena are getting closer and flat out blames her feelings for Damon on the bond.

Before we get more of this argument Damon flashes back to 1942 where Stephan (LOVING that uniform) practicing an apology to Damon with his BFF Lexie! Lexie the life coach is convinced that the Ripper days are over and it’s time for the Salvatore brothers to make nice. With one handshake they are bros again, and talk about Stephan getting shipped off to war.

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_New Orleans Damon and Stephan

Damon decides he wants to tag along and spend some quality time with his brother which Lexie is not having.

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_New Orleans Damon and Stephan / LexieThe Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_New Orleans Damon and Lexie

….cue the entrance of crazy pants Charlotte who comes in with a bleeding victim which sets Stephan off, who has been trying to repress his thirst for blood. Like a good sponsor Lexie quickly pulls Stephan away and the reunion is over.

Back in the present Damon and Stephan arrive at the shop that the witch used to occupy. Surprise she’s not there so Stephan suggests that maybe they try and find Charlotte. The last time Damon saw her, he told her to count every brick in New Orleans and meet him on a specific corner, then of course he got the hell out of dodge. Stephen decides to test how literal the sire bond is and heads to that corner.

At The Grill Hayley pushes Tyler to force the last hybrid to break the bond and that he can’t let Kim take over the new pack. Tyler goes all Alpha and lays down the law. Kim is not happy and goes to pick a fight.

In New Orleans, Stephan and Damon arrive at the same corner and start to argue over…hmm can you guess?….Elena! Not wanting to hear anymore, Damon decides to go get a drink alone, but as he walks the streets he’s attacked by you guessed it Charlotte! Turns out she had LITERALLY been counting every brick in New Orleans since he left. Turns out the bond is pretty literal.

Not being 100% crazy, Charlotte did have a normal life but never stopped counting bricks in hopes that Damon would come back…craaaazyyyy anyone? But her counting will help because she knows New Orleans and hopefully can help them find the witch or her ancestors.

At girl’s night, the music is blaring and the girls are dancing. It’s actually kind of nice to see these three having fun like normal girls…feels like it has been too long since anyone has had teenage fun on this show. And per usual of any good girl’s night they end up hanging in the bathroom, trust me it happens more than you would think. But the night is ruined by Caroline and a comment about Damon, which leads to Elena revealing that they spent the night together. Caroline and Bonnie are not pleased.

In New Orleans, Damon and Stephan wander into a homeopathic shop, meeting the granddaughter of the witch that helped originally. Turns out the sire bond can only be broken by a 12 human sacrifice but doesn’t seem to matter because all the spells and supplies were lost during Hurricane Katrina, the guys appear to be out of luck.

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena wants the girls to leave but not before dropping the bomb that she’s falling in love with Damon. Caroline can’t take it anymore and lets the sire bond secret out. Elena is not convinced and tells them to get out. But at the door are 2 pissed off hybrids ready to pick a fight to get back at Tyler for his Alpha mode orders. Bonnie attempts to stop them but they threaten to bite Caroline…so they get away taking Caroline with them.

Tyler and Elena walk the forest trying to find Caroline. Tyler drops some knowledge on Elena…the bond affects how you act, not how you feel…hmmm.

In New Orleans, Stephan and Damon aren’t giving up. Damon calls her out, she’s not the granddaughter of the witch, she’s the daughter and she is aging really well for being like 80 years old (doesn’t look a day over 50). The jig is up and she pulls a Bonnie style trick on him, bringing Damon to his knees. Finally she tells it like it is, there is no magic cure for the sire bond…her mother just wanted access to a super super evil magic called “expression” with the human sacrifice. The sire bond only happens between vampires if the sire had feelings for the vampire as a human. Ouch that must be like a punch to the gut for Stephan. The only way to set her free is to use the bond to set her free, tell her to move on and never think of him again.

At the sire breaking barn, Tyler rushes in to save Caroline but turns out the wolf pack have a different plan, kill Caroline. Elena convinces Kim (the bad Alpha) to torture her instead, but as she makes a move Tyler takes her down and claims his role of Alpha, making her submit to him or die. She does and the rest of the wolfs bow down.

In New Orleans, Damon attempts to break his bond with Charlotte, which doesn’t seem to work very well. Stephan seems convinced that Damon won’t be able to do the same to Elena but Stephan doesn’t know the sacrifices that Damon has made in the past.

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_New Orleans Damon in Uniform

In 1942 Damon shows up looking also very dashing in uniform to ship off with Stephan. Lexie is there and convinces Damon that if he wants to be a good brother he will stay and put Stephan’s needs above his own. Damon makes the ultimate sacrifice and for the time being lets Stephan go.

The Vampire Diaries_The CW_S4E8 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street_New Orleans Lexie

Stephen is surprised by the story and appreciates what his brother did but all he wants if for Elena to be able to make the choice on her own.

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena and Caroline make up. The girls are also impressed that Bonnie is making strides to being witchy again. According to her it’s all due to creepy Atticus Shane who calls her magic…”expression”…oh crap!

Speaking of creepy Atticus Shane at his office Hayley delivers the 12 un-sired hybrids. Turns out the parents she has been searching for are dead, but Shane promises that she can see them again. This doesn’t sound good…are we about to have zombies on this show?

Stephan talks to his current sponsor Caroline and he truly believes that Damon will do the right thing. At the Salvatore house Damon is about the give the “we need to talk speech” but Elena tries to talk him out of it. All Damon wants is her love for him to be real so he has to do the right thing by her….

Elena gives it one last shot by putting his hand over her heart and her hand on his face and uttering, “does this feel wrong?”….come on Damon do the right thing….fade to black….WHAT?!!!

Well I think it’s pretty clear from the previews that Damon has let us all down and didn’t do the right thing….grrrr…..will my Stelena NEVER get back together?! Not sure how much more of this I can handle, but of course I can’t turn away…until next week.


Damon to Stephan: “When her body rejects the blood, which it will, your apology better be epic!”

Damon: “More like when she went all fatal attraction on me…then I had to make a clean break.”

Damon: “Somebody had to entertain the ladies when they were left behind by their menfolk.”

Damon: “I’m going to go get a drink, hunt me down if you stop being a dick.”

Elena: “Your hottie creepy Professor really knows his stuff.”

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