Arrested Development Production Halts!!!

Arrested Development_Netflix_Halted Production for more episodes

Sorry that was a bit of a fake out, yes the production has halted but it’s for a good reason, I PROMISE!

As ever Arrested Development fan knows, Netflix is the Bluth family savior and is bringing back a limited episode run of the too early cancelled series. The episodes are currently filming but here’s the problem, there’s too much good stuff! The writers and actors couldn’t fit all the illusions, chicken dances and her?s, in the original 10 episode order so they took a break to rework the storylines for anywhere from 12-15 episodes!

A source on the show told E! News:

“We took holiday break early because we have way more material than just the 10 episodes, so we are going to shoot as many as we can make. All good news for the fans.”

And is reporting, “that creator Mitch Hurwitz could have enough dysfunction in the can for as many as 12 to 15 episodes.”

Can’t wait until Spring 2013 when the Bluths are back!

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