Netflix is Amazing! Add Boyfights and Other AD Shows Into Your Instant Queue

Netflix to me has already proved that they are amazing by resurrecting one of my favorite shows of all time Arrested Development, but they have just done something almost equally as awesome. In order to show that they are really investing in Arrested Development and to give a nod to all the rabid fans out there they have added all the fake movies and TV shows mentioned in the show and added them to the Instant Watch catalog. Now you can check out the following:

Arrested Development_Netflix_Wrench

When faced with some of the toughest cases the mean streets of Los Angeles has to offer, by-the-books detective Frank Wrench realizes he needs to loosen up, break some rules and maybe even throw out the book entirely, in order to get tough on crime.

Arrested Development_Netflix_Girls with Low Self Esteem

Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach
Sunshine and self-esteem issues collide as drunken, scantily-clad co-eds with low self-worth and absolutely no shame hit Spring Break in Southern California. It’s a wild, weekend adventure that you’ll never forget … but they’ll wish they could.

Arrested Development_Netflix_Families with Low Self Esteem

Families With Low Self Esteem:
Tobias Funke, the semi-renowned Freudian analyst/therapist and former chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides counseling to families deep in crisis in this deeply probing and emotionally uplifting series.

Arrested Development_Netflix_Families with Low Self Esteem

Mock Trial With J. Reinhold:
All rise for actor Judge Reinhold as he presides over this reality courtroom/variety series, featuring music by American Idol sensation William Hung and his band, Hung Jury, as they take real families and put them through mock trials.

You can also see Boyfights, Scandalmakers and Le Cousins Dangereux and all the  fake TV/shows stream the specific Arrested Development episode that they are featured in. I think this is a brilliant idea and I applaud Netflix for thinking outside the box. Can you find them all?

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