Happy 2013 Nerd Lovers!

2013 new year sparkler

Happy New Year, faithful readers of We Date Nerds! Sorry we have been completely MIA for the past 2 weeks but we too occasionally have to take a break from all things nerd and return from whence we came, or in other words fly home for the holidays.

We hope that everyone had a great holiday season and that you and your nerds got everything you wanted from Santa (or other gift giver).

Last year we had this idea to start a blog and it’s been great! We couldn’t have kept it going without our readers and followers. We hope that in 2013 We Date Nerds takes over the world but we would also settle for keeping you entertained with nerd facts, anecdotes and news!

Speaking of that new posts to follow tomorrow, we still need another day to recover from our 2 week cookie overdose.



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