Arrested Development Season 4 Has a Premiere Date!

Arrested Development_Bluth Family on Netflix

Man we just can’t get enough of all this sweet Bluth news lately. As you know Netflix is the champion of the “Save Our Bluths” campaign and has brought the family back together to make a Season 4. Then on top of that they upped the order from 10 episodes from 12-15 episodes and then they had the inspired idea to put all the Arrested Development TV shows and movies up on their site.

And now we have a premiere date! On May 4 all 14 episodes will be available for your viewing pleasure. Alright I dunno about you but I’m going to need to stock up on frozen pizza and wine for a weekend marathon of my favorite family. Or maybe I can just open up a carton of grape juice and by May it will become wine, that works right?


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