Missing New Episodes of Arrow? Watch This For Your Stephen Amell Fix!

Yesterday when I was perusing the channels for tonight’s new TV shows I was very disappointed to realize that new episodes of Arrow don’t start until next week….sad face. I for one am having a serious Stephen Amell ab withdrawal. Plus nerds, I think Arrow is starting to seep into the minds of the “normal” ladies out there because I had a lacrosse team member say the only new show she was watching this season was the one with that “hot guy” on the CW who shoots arrows. Just think girls everywhere are subliminally learning about a comic book character. In short Arrow needs to be back stat!

Arrow_The CW_Stephen Amell_Abs

Anyways, originally in order to celebrate Arrow Wednesdays without a new episode I was going to just post a ton of shirtless photos of our favorite Robin Hood type but instead I found something way cooler.

Check out this video of Stephen Amell on a some sort of photo shoot performing some of his stunts from the show. This guy is ridiculous! This is something both guys and girls can appreciate. I think I might have had my jaw on the floor the entire time I was watching. So it might not be a new episode but sit back and enjoy!

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